A Sneak-Peek Into My Self-Care Kit To Help Me Get Through The Quarantine

Written by Sumona BoseSep 16, 2023
A sneak-peek into my self-care kit to help me get through the quarantine

Full disclosure: I fell prey to the temptation of panic buying in the early days of the pandemic. But instead of toilet paper, I was busy hoarding all of the tasty snacks I could get before they sold out. This coincided with the start of the self-quarantining phase; I was up to date on all the munchies. After a week of social distancing, though, I’ve realised there is more to quarantine essentials than food. Limiting your trips outside also means avoiding any and all public spaces… including salons, nail bars, and beauty parlours. It is entirely on us to keep up with self-care and grooming.

With no time to waste, I put together a self-care kit that would take care of all of my beauty needs. Since makeup has taken a more relaxed role now (unless I’m feeling exceptionally enthusiastic and in the mood for makeup indoors), I decided to invest a little extra in self-care. Here are all the essentials that are tasked with getting me through the lockdown looking my best!


Gentle hand sanitiser and wipes

Jade roller

Instead of picking just any sanitiser, I decided to go with something reliable and gentle. Since we are supposed to keep sanitising, a comparatively lighter formula will work without leaving your palms dry and rough. As for disinfectant wet wipes, they will come in handy when I am feeling lazy *wink, wink*!

My pick: Lifebuoy Total 10 Hand Sanitizer


Moisturising hand wash

Jade roller

Our most significant defense against this virus is washing our hands thoroughly and continuously. That leaves no room for harsh formulas that wreak havoc on my skin. That’s why I got myself a moisturising hand wash to keep my hands nourished while being cleansed.

My pick: Dove Deeply Nourishing Hand Wash


Hydrating hand cream

Jade roller

My hands are getting super dry thanks to all the washing and sanitising so I’ve got myself an intensely hydrating hand cream that I’m using post every hand wash. Also, I’ve kept one on my nightstand. I slather it on at night and shove my palms into socks if I think my hands could use the extra moisture protection.

My pick: Vaseline Intensive Care Healthy Hand Stronger Nails Hand Cream


Exfoliating body wash

Jade roller

This one’s just a feel-good product that I’ve added to my quarantine self-care kit. It smells divine and leaves my skin super smooth and hydrated! Plus, another excuse to practise good hygiene, right?

My pick: St Ives Apricot Exfoliating Body Wash


Tweezers and razors

Jade roller

Even though I cannot make the trip to a salon, I’m not a big fan of facial hair. So definitely part of my self-care kit is a tweezer. You might want to add a razor if you’re really paranoid about body hair. They will come in handy for that superficial upkeep!


Face masks

Jade roller

Since the prospect of a relaxing facial is out the window for a couple of weeks, I decided to treat myself to a weekly session of masking. You should give the new Lakme Blush & Glow Face Masks a go!

My pick: Lakme Strawberry Blush & Glow Face Mask


Calming hair oil

Jade roller

Now that I’m actually at home with no place to be, there’s no excuse not to give myself the hot oil champi my mother constantly reminds me to do. I got myself the Dove Elixir Hair Fall Rescue Hair Oil as it doesn’t have to be washed off and can be used as a leave-in in case I get lazy! P.S. I’ve used it twice this week already.

My pick: Dove Elixir Hair Fall Rescue Hair Oil - Rose & Almond Oil


Mini at-home mani kit

Jade roller

By the time we are done with self-quarantine, I’ll be a pro at self-grooming. A mini at-home manicure kit helps me keep my nails looking fine while I work that remote looking for yet another movie to watch!


Jade roller

Jade roller

A beauty practice that I developed from watching online tutorials is using a jade roller with a sheet mask to seriously absorb all its goodness. Sometimes, I'll keep the roller in the freezer and use it first thing in the morning to de-puff my face too! Perfect on those work-from-home days when I just can’t get myself to fully wake up!

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