A Skincare Guide For The Busy Bees Who Have Oily Skin

Written by Sanjana GuptaSep 16, 2023
A skincare guide for the busy bees who have oily skin

Oily skin is not easy to manage! Those of you blessed with oily skin, constantly look like you’ve been sweating. Plus, you are more prone to breakouts and acne. And, summers can be hard on your skin, with the rise in humidity. With excess sebum production, your skin refuses to co-operate, giving you a glazed effect. Plus choosing skincare products can be a battle since, certain products can aggravate your condition. Phew! That’s a lot of skin work.

Well, while skincare is an uphill struggle for those with oily skin, a few tricks and tips can help. Here are some…


Carry blotting sheets with you at all times:

Lemon water is holy:

Blotting sheets will come to your rescue if you are a girl on the go with oily skin! They are your new best friends.

With your glands going overboard with oil production, face wipes will help you out. It does a great job of cleansing all the dirt, oil and makeup off your skin—leaving your skin fresh and clean. Especially if you have sensitive skin, these are perfect for you!

Plus, if you are travelling, it is easy to carry and gets the job done.


Invest in a toner:

Lemon water is holy:

Buying a toner is the best decision for oily and acne-prone skin. Opt for alcohol-free toner. You can easily purchase them in your nearest drugstore. These are magic potions for oily skin. They can help shrink your pores. And, the best part is—they add a layer onto your skin, which significantly reduces the chances of
Plus, while travelling toner can come handy, as they clear off the debris penetrated in your pores as well as rejuvenates your skin.


Setting spray:

Lemon water is holy:

This piece of concoction works for all skin types. While it helps to set your makeup, it also absorbs any excess oil. So, once you are done with your make-up, don’t forget to generously spritz it on your face.

You can take them along with you, and spritz it on when required.


Sunscreen is sacred:

Lemon water is holy:

Contrary to the popular notion, oily skin needs to be moisturised and hydrated too. Many people avoid sunscreen in the fear that it will aggravate their oily skin. Plus, sun damage can cause permanent and irreversible damages! So, it is important to wear sunscreen at all times regardless of the weather.

How to choose the perfect sunscreen?

When you are purchasing a sunscreen, make sure you check the SPF (Sun Protection factor). Ideally, go for a sunscreen with SPF 30.

If you have sensitive skin, ensure that you preferably choose a sunscreen with SPF on the higher end of the spectrum. And, don’t forget to re-apply after every 3 hours.


Lemon water is holy:

Lemon water is holy:

Gulp it down! Lemon water can be your saviour. It helps keep your skin hydrated and flushes out the toxins. And, it makes for a great go-to drink!

Since, directly applying lemon juice on your face can be rather hazardous for your skin, it is better stick to drinking it.

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