We’ve all been big fans of herbal remedies but lately we’ve turned our attention to flora – moisturising creams with lavender, homemade spritzers in rose, nourishing chamomile creams and so on. In keeping with our current obsession, we did some floral ground work of our own and shortlisted three flowers that could do our skin some good…

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Lavender for Dry Skin
As we age, the sebaceous glands in our skin stop secreting oil required to nourish the skin’s surface. The result? Skin that’s itchy, dry and scaly. Lavender oil not only smells like heaven (or so we’d like to imagine) but it also hydrates your skin from the inside out giving it a natural sheen. In addition, it also has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties making it one delicious skin potion.

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Rose for Vitamin C
Apart from the popular benefits of rose water, our mum’s favourite flowers also make for great floral hydrators. Rose buds and petals can heal damaged blood vessels on the skin’s surface. They’re the perfect floral remedy if you’re battling redness, puffiness or minor skin irritations.

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Orchids for Hydration
Turns out orchids can do a lot more than just make bouquets look pretty. Their petals are enriched with mucilages which help to retain water and hydrate skin. Used in Southeast Asia as an anti-ageing remedy, beauty products enriched with orchid extracts are becoming a popular beauty staple across the world.