Have you ever started putting on your base makeup, only to realise that the foundation looks super flaky? This is a commonly occurring horror for people with dry skin. If dry skin has been that one problem that comes between you and flawless skin, we urge you to start a regular morning and evening skincare routine featuring - acids!

Through ‘skin series’ we are trying to simplify skincare routines for every skin type.  Our focus is on layering acids that are beneficial for your skin type, so here it goes!


Dry skin – Morning routine

Dry skin – Morning routine

Step 01: Ascorbic acid

Always start with cleansing and toning your skin. Dry skin often tends to look dull and lacklustre; using a serum that contains ascorbic acid would do wonders. Ascorbic acid helps protect the skin against free radicals and helps brighten the skin tone.

Step 02: Hyaluronic acid

Post this use a generous amount of any moisturiser that contains hyaluronic acid. As dry skin is always in need of moisture, products with hyaluronic acid are ideal for this skin type. Being a humectant, hyaluronic acid attracts and retains moisture to help give your face that dewy glow.

Step 03: Retinoic acid

As a last step in your skincare routine and before the application of makeup, use a sunscreen that contains retinoic acid to stimulate collagen production delay skin ageing.


Dry skin – Evening routine

Dry skin – Evening routine

Step 01: Glycolic acid

As the first step in your night time skincare routine, it is extremely important to thoroughly cleanse. Using a glycolic enriched face wash removes dead skin cells, banishes dullness and dryness to leave your skin smooth, soft and extremely supple.

Step 02: Lactic acid

Due to lack of moisture in the skin, dry skin is more prone to premature ageing. Hence it is important to use a product containing lactic acid to balance skin texture. Lactic acid is extremely gentle and is great for people with dry, sensitive skin.

Step 03: Tartaric acid

To diminish flakiness and improve the overall texture of your skin, use a serum containing tartaric acid. It is brimming with antioxidants, help perfect the skin texture and reduce flakiness.

Step 04: Oleic acid

It is important to use a heavy moisturiser at night, and oleic acid is an excellent moisturiser for dry skin types. Using a moisturiser containing oleic acid would prove to be a game changer for acne-prone dry skin because this fatty acid will rejuvenate your skin without causing breakouts.