Amla Benefits For Skin: Everything You Need To Know

Written by Team BBNov 23, 2022
Amla Benefits for Skin: Everything You Need to Know

Amla or Indian gooseberry is a common ingredient in most Indian households. This tangy fruit that you enjoy eating with red chilli powder sprinkled on top has immense benefits. You may have heard of amla benefits for health from your mom or grandma but did you know amla benefits for hair and skin are just as many as there are for health? Regular consumption of this herbal supplement can make your skin glow and improve the health of your hair, too. 

Amla Benefits for Skin: The Basics  

Now let’s reveal all the amla benefits for skin! 

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Amla Benefits for Skin  

Benefit #1: Treats acne and acne scars 

A natural blood purifier, amla juice keeps pimples at bay and improves the skin’s healing time. Applying amla paste on affected areas will treat inflammation and reduce the chances of scarring

Benefit #2: Lightens and brightens complexion 

Amla is loaded with antioxidants and vitamin C, both of which help in brightening the skin and lightening the complexion. The best way to obtain amla benefits for the skin is to consume the juice daily or apply it as a face pack. 

Benefit #3: Prevents premature ageing 

Ageing is an inevitable part of growing old. But sometimes, ageing signs could appear later in years. One of the many amla benefits for the skin includes slowing down the signs of ageing. Add some honey to your amla juice and drink it. Loaded with antioxidants, that helps to reduce the effect of free radicals, this juice will help fight fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots and give you younger looking, smooth skin. 

Benefit #4: Gently exfoliates the skin 

Amla works as a mild exfoliant when applied to the skin topically. Applying a face mask with amla powder or its paste will gently exfoliate the skin to remove dead skin cells and impurity buildup. 

Benefit #5: Reduces stress 

Among many amla health benefits, is that this fruit is an adaptogen which helps to reduce stress and restore body balance. Your skin also benefits from de-stressing a lot, becomes firmer, brighter, and more youthfull looking.  

amla benefits amla oil

How to Use Amla for Skin Care  

Amla is available in various forms, and all they can positively impact your skin. 

Usage #1: Amla juice 

Drinking amla juice benefits for hair, skin and health in general. Amla juice benefits for skin are reducing wrinkles, fine lines, and dark spots, providing a healthy bright complexion. You can also combine aloe vera and amla juice benefits in one glass, as it helps to improve your immunity, metabolism, digestion, and skin health. Add a shot of wheatgrass juice to multiply your amla aloevera juice benefits, because amla aloevera wheatgrass juice benefits your heart health, and helps to lose weight. 

Learn how to prepare amla juice below: 

  • Take 8-10 amla and chop into small pieces, remove the seed from the centre. 

  • Transfer the pieces to a blender and blend until you get a smooth paste. 

  • Place a clean cloth over a bowl and empty the paste onto it. Squeeze the cloth to filter the juice. 

  • Now use this juice to blend more amla pieces in the blender. This ensures you get pure amla juice without any water. 

  • Strain the paste again using the cloth and repeat the process until you get a glass full of amla juice. 

amla benefits amla oil

Usage #2: Amla murabba 

Amla murabba, also known as boiled amla in sugar syrup with cardamon, is a healthy desert that positively impacts your health conditions. Amla murabba benefits your skin, reduces acne and scars, enriches your body with vital nutrients, vitamins and minerals. You can replace sugar with honey to get amla with honey benefits such as digestion and immune system improvement. 

amla benefits amla oil

Usage #3: Amla powder 

Amla powder benefits for hair and skin are various, it helps to slow ageing, and promote the new cells production. Amla powder, or amla churna benefits immune system, and keeps your body healthy.

amla benefits amla oil

Usage #4: Dry amla  

You can get benefits of eating amla whether you consume this fruit dry or raw. Dry amla benefits your hair and skin as it is a great source of vitamin C, also it helps to fight cold, burn fat, and build a strong immunity. Healthy amla candy benefits your digestion, helps to fight free radicals and slows down ageing. 

amla benefits amla oil

Usage #5: Amla oil 

Amla oil benefits for hair are well-known, but what about amla oil impact on your skin? Due to vitamin C and antioxidants included, amla oil helps to brighten and soften your skin, reduce pores, and provide tightening effect. 

FAQs about Amla Benefits for Skin  

Can we apply amla on the face directly? 

Applying pure amla juice can cause irritation, especially so for those with sensitive skin. Use amla powder mixed with honey instead, to make a mask and apply it on the skin to reap all the amla benefits for your skin and hair

What is the right time to eat amla or drink its juice? 

Amla is loaded with benefits and can be consumed at any time during the day. But having it in the morning will be even more beneficial. The benefits of drinking amla juice in empty stomach, and benefits of eating amla in empty stomach are that it will kick start digestion and prevent bloating. 

Is it safe to eat raw amla? 

Like most of the fruits, amla is completely safe when eaten raw. But if you can’t find fresh, raw amla every day, you can try having its juice (available in the concentrate form) or powder too. You can enjoy all the mentioned above amla benefits, and side effects of this fruit tend to minimise. Nevertheless, you should avoid this product if you’re allergic to it, and for diabetic, amla should be taken with proper precautions. 

If you were impressed by various amla benefits for skin, also check the uses of tulsi in your skin and hair care routine, and the great benefits of almonds for skin, hair, and more

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