5 Cleansing Mistakes That Are Ageing Your Skin

Written by Chandni GhoshOct 04, 2019
5 cleansing mistakes that are ageing your skin
You might think we’re joking but the little mistakes you make in your skin care regime can actually age your skin faster than you think. Take cleansing, for example—while the idea is to cleanse your skin thoroughly, you also want to ensure that your youthful glow stays intact during this regime. Here are certain mistakes that you might want to avoid while cleansing your skin...

You are using hot water

You neglect the neck

Yeah—we know you might feel really good using hot water on your face but hot water can strip your skin of natural oils. This will only lead to your skin turning further dry. When your skin is dry and dehydrated, there are bigger chances of your collagen levels depleting thereby causing wrinkles. An effective skin care tip would be to use lukewarm water that will keep the oils in your skin intact.


You don’t use the right face wash

You neglect the neck

If you ask us for a skin care tip, we’d always tell you to adopt an anti-ageing regime once you hit 25. If you haven’t already, know that your cleansing mistakes could actually cost you your future fine lines and wrinkles. What you need is a face wash that replenishes the moisture and works towards anti-ageing. We suggest relying on the Lakmé Youth Infinity Skin Firming Facial Foam that removes impurities while boosting collagen into the skin. Make this a part of your skin care routine for best results.


You’re lazy about exfoliation

You neglect the neck

While exfoliation helps acne prone and blackhead prone skin, it also ensures that there’s no dead skin buildup so your skin is able to suck in all the necessary anti-ageing ingredients from your regular creams and lotions. So make sure you don’t underestimate the power of exfoliation and use a face scrub that suits your skin type twice a week. It’s about time you took this skin care routine seriously if you truly want to stay away from ageing signs.


You’re tugging at your skin

You neglect the neck

Cleansing your skin with a face wash needs to be a gentle step. So if you think you’re over cleansing your skin by tugging and rubbing it hard, you’re just making matters worse. When you tug at your skin while cleansing or even while applying creams, your skin starts losing elasticity and that’s when you start noticing crow’s feet, wrinkled skin, the works. So make sure you go as gently as possible while cleansing your face.


You neglect the neck

You neglect the neck

When you cleanse, you always go for the face but little do you know that the skin around your neck is equally sensitive. In fact, your neck can truly tell your age because it begins to sag early if not taken care of. So make sure you don’t stop at the jawline while going with your face wash or scrub. Know that the skin around your neck has also been exposed to pollution, UV rays and needs just as much care as your face.

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