You might be knowing the A-Z of skincare, getting a facial once a month or even using the best beauty products but when it boils down to the basics, most women are still making rookie skincare mistakes without even realising it. Here’s our list of the most common skin faux pas that we’re all guilty of making at the workplace and how they can be remedied…

5 skin care mistakes at work drink water 430x550

Not drinking enough water
When you’re rushing towards a deadline, it’s not that hard to ignore signals from your body telling you that its thirsty. As strange as it sounds, we can often forget to drink enough water – that means at least six to eight glasses a day. Keep this up and the dehydration will soon begin showing on your skin.

5 skin care mistakes at work wearing sunscreen 430x550

Not wearing sunscreen
The common misconception about sunscreen is that you need it only when you’re stepping out in the sun (the reason why so many people forget all about it in the monsoon too.) But the truth is that UVA and UVB rays can penetrate glass as well, which means that even if you’re indoors you stand a risk of sun damage. Like we’ve mentioned, before applying sunscreen regularly is also considered to be one of the easiest ways to delay skin ageing.

5 skin care mistakes at work not eating healthy 430x550

Not eating healthy
One thing we’re all guilty of – giving in to that urge of convenience to dig into a cheesy sandwich and large fries with our burger. While junk food might make for the quickest delivery and fastest lunch, your skin hates it. Carry lunch from home, steer clear of saturated fats and snack on nuts or a fruit for those in-between pangs.

5 skin care mistakes at work not applying moisturiser 430x550

Not wearing enough moisturiser
Slathering on moisturiser post your shower can seem a bit futile especially when you’re stepping out into the searing heat while you make your way to work. But remember that once you enter office, an air conditioned space will sap the moisture out of your skin. While there’s no way around this, you can always choose to get to work, cleanse, tone and then moisturise your face before you begin work and then re-moisturise after a few hours. While it might seem tedious, your skin will thank you for it.

5 skin care mistakes at work coffee 430x550

Not taking it easy on the caffeine
The other most common mistake that women make is to increase their coffee intake to battle a lack of sleep or concentrate harder. Yes, while “staying awake” is the requirement for most workplaces, being a “coffee-addict” will show up on your face as acne sooner or later. Instead, choose heathier options such as green tea, lime water (not soda) or fresh fruit juices. They do the job just as well.