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Written by Team BBOct 15, 2018
It goes without saying that most of us, no matter how smooth our skin is, have uneven patches on our face that are ridden with dark spots and marks. While some of us call on home remedies to tackle them, most just hope that they will disappear with time. However, given the nature of these issues, no ordinary skin treatment can do the trick. That’s why we were glad when we got our hands on the Fair & Lovely Anti-Marks Treatment that’s designed to target these very persistent concerns. Here is everything you need to know…
bb picks fair and lovely anti marks treatment

WHAT: The FAL Anti-Marks Treatment


The new Fair & Lovely Anti-Marks Treatment is inspired by the ultimate treatment in skincare—Laser. With scientific backing by some of the best skincare experts, it’s tailor made for Indian skin and helps eliminate the most stubborn dark spots and acne marks that might have lingered on your skin for a long time.

Unlike other skin solutions that deal with spots and dullness on the surface alone, the Fair & Lovely Anti-Marks Treatment seeps 3 layers deep into the skin & works from the very root. Over time, you can rely on it to get your original, even-toned skin back.

Obviously, dark spots don’t come announced. This means that we could have to deal with them in winter or at the height of summer. Given the constant humidity that Indian skin battles most of the time, the non-oily, matte finish of the cream comes as quite a boon.


The Fair & Lovely Anti-Marks Treatment is priced at ₹ 110 for 40 gm

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