white beauty serum 500x300

Why we love it
Used right after your cleanse your face and before you apply your day cream, the Pond’s White Beauty Serum might be an additional step to your beauty routine but one that’s totally worth it. Its super light texture ensures that it’s easily absorbed by your skin, leaving no trace of a residue (apart from a luminous glow.)

Most moisturisers can penetrate only the first layer of the skin owing to their large molecules. The Pond’s White Beauty Serum on the other hand has smaller molecules that can penetrate much deeper into your skin allowing them to repair and replenish it from deep within.

Your skin is accosted with more than enough irritants every single day. The Pond’s White Beauty Serum is enriched with the GenWhite formula that works at the deepest level of the dermis to repair and restore your skin and bring it back to its original, radiant self.

How to use it
Squeeze a pea sized amount into your palm, dot it across your face, massage it into your skin till it is completely absorbed.

Price: ₹ 325 for 12 gms