We’ve always been ones to nourish our skin and hair when the cold winter is coming up. But a day has dawned when due diligence needs to be done to our puckers as well. That’s because an invention called the lip mask is slowly but surely making its way into every skin care addict’s life.

lip care mask

As is usually is the case with a hip trend, it all began when a bunch of celebrities showcased a shiny silicon pout on Instagram. Known for her love for a popular trend, Kim Kardashian was spotted snapping a lip care mask along with her filter. The likes of Jessica Alba, Farrah Abraham and beauty guru Huda Kattan gave us a peek into their skin care routine by flaunting a pair of puckers behind a lip mask.

lip masks

Lip masks have reached the height of popularity in recent times and for good reason we think.Available in different variants, lip masks are meant to pamper the lips in different ways—to moisturise, to plump up and to nourish. Depending on the purpose they are to fulfil, lip masks contain various ingredients such as collagen, vitamins and moisturisers.

lip masks to keep their lip in form for holidays

As the temperature drops this season, more and more people are turning to lip masks to keep their lips in form for the holidays. Before applying it, we recommend a thorough lip brushing so that the ingredients can get adequately soaked. Once done, you can wash it off and proceed to apply your lip colour. Trust us, your puckers will make sure you are the centre of attention!

Image credits: Teen Vogue, Beauty Crew, Elite Daily, Daily Mail