5 Beauty Mistakes From Your Teenage Years That You Have To Dump, Now!

Written by Sanya HamdaniSep 16, 2023
5 beauty mistakes from your teenage years that you have to dump, now!

We know what you are thinking, aren't Facebook memories enough to remind you of all the embarrassing things you did as a teenager? This is the last time we bring it up, we promise! Other than typing ‘luking GR8’ and ‘C U L8R’ on your friends’ posts, you were also committing a lot of beauty mistakes that you should have dumped along with that guy you dated in college.

But if you’ve carried them into your adult life, there’s still time to identify and correct these mistakes. Read on to find out if you are guilty of these mistakes!


Applying toothpaste on your pimples

Bleaching the hair on your upper lip

You took every advice your BFF sent your way in college but now it’s time to break free from it and stop applying toothpaste on pimples. This cheap, easily available, quick fix may have looked like the ideal solution in your teenage years but it can cause long term damage. Instead use spots treatments, apply diluted tea tree oil or better yet, visit a dermatologist who can identify the cause and suggest the right treatment for your pimples.


Peeling off your nail polish

Bleaching the hair on your upper lip

You may have knowingly or unknowingly peeled off your nail polish while studying for an exam or sitting through a boring lecture back then. Even if you’re tempted to pick on that chipped nail polish, do not do it! This common habit removes the top healthy layers of your nails, leaves them looking white and patchy as well as weakens the nail bed. Get regular manicures from an expert and when it’s time to get rid of your nail polish, use a remover, will you?


Squeezing blackheads and pimples

Bleaching the hair on your upper lip

Squeezing the debris out from your blackheads and pimples may seem like the most satisfying thing to do but this is a job for an expert. Using the wrong tools or even worse, your fingernails will only do more harm than good.


Not washing your makeup tools

Bleaching the hair on your upper lip

Back in college you applied makeup only on special occasions and hardly ever considered washing your makeup brushes. But now, you’re a responsible adult who needs to take good care of her skin to avoid unnecessary skin problems. Therefore, make it a habit to wash your makeup tools once a week to get rid of dirt, product build up and bacteria that may have collected on the brushes. Also, don’t share your makeup or makeup tools with anyone!


Bleaching the hair on your upper lip

Bleaching the hair on your upper lip

Applying bleach to hide those tiny upper lip hair because threading them seemed like the most painful thing in this world is another habit you better ditch. In the light of the day your bright, bleached hair will glisten in the sunlight letting everyone know you’re still committing this beauty mistake!

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