Frankly speaking, anything that has the words “from around the world” fascinates us. It could be a list of the best movies, the most popular names, slang you should watch out for or anything else. So, it was only natural that this story about beauty secrets from around the world piqued our interest. After a lot of research, here are some of the ones we found the most fascinating…

beauty secrets around the world dead sea sand 600x400

The sand from the Dead Sea is used as a cleansing mask for both, the face and the body. Women visiting the beach often apply the black mud all over their body since it’s supposed to be rich in minerals and works wonders for your skin.

beauty secrets around the world bulgaria rose water 600x400

In Bulgaria, rose water is widely used as an ingredient in facials and face treatments. Women use this beauty potion, just as we do in India, to keep their face moisturised the natural way.

beauty secrets around the world china green tea 600x400

Turns out the Chinese don’t just drink their green tea, they also use it in their beauty regimen. Like we’ve mentioned before, since green tea is rich in antioxidants, Chinese women often use it as a regular option to turn back the clock on ageing.

beauty secrets around the world milk cream 600x400

Did you know that, much like India, French women too use milk or cream as a beauty treatment? The only difference is that they pour some milk into their bathtub (a luxury in India,) add some honey to it as they wish and soak in it for a good half hour to nourish their skin.

beauty secrets around the world olive oil 600x400

We already knew that the Europeans are crazy about olive oil. So, it should come as no surprise that the Italians as well as the Greeks often incorporate olive oil into their face and body skincare routine by massaging their bodies with it, applying it on their lips during the winter, and even using it as a hair oil (a concept not too common in the West)!

beauty secrets around the world lemon juice 600x400

In Costa Rica, women resort to using lemon juice to tighten their pores and get super smooth skin. Just squeeze the juice of a lemon or an orange, dip it in a cotton ball and apply it all over the face for about five minutes. The juice doubles up as an astringent and doesn’t even burn sensitive skin.

beauty secrets around the world spa 600x400

Finnish women, on the other hand, treat relaxation as a beauty treatment. Earlier, spas and saunas in Finland were treated as places of rejuvenation. But today, women book themselves into a spa session to relax their mind and body and prefer to sweat heavily in the sauna since sweating is one of the best ways to get clean skin from within. We approve!