Everyday Beauty Tips To Incorporate Into Your Daily Routine

Written by Nishtha BhallaNov 30, 2023
Everyday Beauty Tips To Incorporate Into Your Daily Routine

Ever since we first heard of the term 'beauty', we've constantly been on the hunt for beauty tips to up our game. When we were younger, we'd trade beauty tips like they were highly-confidential secrets that had to be followed like the law. As we got older, before every single event, our furious Google searches would entail one thing, and one thing only — 'beauty tips.' And now, well, we're constantly on the hunt for more and more.

We each managed to build our own bank of beauty secrets that we imbibed into our day-to-day life, and swear by. But the problem with having such a scattered selection of beauty tips for the face and hair is that eventually, a few key ones get lost along the way — or you end up missing out on them altogether since sometimes they're so well kept. And while we're not here to tell you exactly what to do with your face and hair, we figured we can give you a few general beauty tips to abide by when all else fails.

From lowkey, unheard of, and under-the-radar tips, to popular ones that are unmissable, we've got a beauty tip for every mood. They're all about getting to know your face and hair better since there's no one-size-fits-all when it comes to caring for 'em. Ahead, we're listing down an exhaustive list of some of our favourite beauty tips that we have picked up over the years... so whether you're here looking for that one tip to solve all your problems, or just want a refresher course in beauty, read on.


Top Beauty Tips

8. Remember: Everyone Is Different


1. Sunscreen

8. Remember: Everyone Is Different

You know we had to start our list of beauty tips with sunscreen! The best anti-ageing solution out there is sunscreen, and applying it on your face starting at a young age can help you avoid a plethora of problems when you're older.

From signs of ageing and dark spots to skin cancer, sunscreen is solid prevention for all skin conditions, and if you haven't today, consider this your reminder to apply sunscreen! It doesn't matter what the weather is outside, or if you've spent all day indoors, it is necessary to apply sunscreen everyday. (Haven't you heard? Screens and LEDs are the new UV damage.)


2. Chemicals Are OK

8. Remember: Everyone Is Different

We know that there's a whole new wave of 'natural' makeup and hair care products, and you may be tempted to toss away any products that reek of chemicals. However, we're here to tell you that if your skin needs it, chemicals are totally okay to use as long as the product you're using is lab-tested.

In fact, chemical exfoliants like AHAs are actually recommended for those with sensitive skin over exfoliants that are natural. Similarly, clarifying shampoos really do help. While these are a couple of examples, the point is that since they've specifically been tested and created to solve certain skincare and hair care problems, it's totally okay to use products that are lab-made; just make sure you check the ingredients list and know what you're putting on your face!


3. Use Less Skincare Products

8. Remember: Everyone Is Different

All of us have, at some point, tried to, or actually succeeded in following an eleven-step skincare ritual. And if it works for you, well great! But do stop and consider if all those products are actually necessary for you. We're not saying that you need to only wash your face and go ahead with your day; we're just here to gently point you in the direction of skinimalism, and opting for the less-is-more philosophy when it comes to hair care.

Instead of lathering on multiple products that may sit heavy on your face and hair, that may not even do the job, try finding multitasking products that do the job of 2 other things. They'll be lighter on your body, and lighter on your wallet too.


4. Know Your Skin Type

8. Remember: Everyone Is Different

Whether it's romantic partners, your skin, or your hair, knowing your type can go a long way in building a skincare and hair care routine that actually works for you, and if you've been feeling frustrated about why your regimen isn't working for you, learning what type of skin you have can help. You've got oily, combination, normal, dry, acne-prone and much, much else to choose from, and figuring it out is quite simple — as simple as touching your face or your scalp, that is!

If you still don't have a clue, BTW, going to a dermatologist and figuring out together can really help since you'll finally know what products to use — and which ones to stay away from.


5. Understand The Ingredients

8. Remember: Everyone Is Different

You may hear your favourite influencer talking about the benefits of salicylic acid and be tempted to buy a product which has it, but if you've got dry skin, It's only going to make your dryness worse. Similarly, parabens and silicones are hair-care baddies which can cause more damage than you think. In order to get the most out of your products, you need to be well-versed in what each ingredient does.

Now, we're not saying that you need to become a lab coat-toting chemist, but a little bit of knowledge can go a long way in building a beauty routine that works in your favour.


6. Build A Separate AM And PM Routine

8. Remember: Everyone Is Different

One of the biggest beauty tips that often tends to go overlooked is building a separate nighttime and day-time routine. No, just using a cleanser doesn't always cut it. In case you need a refresher, a daily AM routine can take care of skin issues, protect your skin from the day-to-day baddies that you encounter, and overall boost skin health and confidence.

Building a PM routine, however, is equally important, since that one focuses more on repair and hydration, thus making it more durable during the day.


7. Mask Up

8. Remember: Everyone Is Different

Whether it's your hair or your skin, one of the biggest beauty tips you can follow is using masks! With different types available at the snap of a finger for different concerns, you need to use a mask for a little extra nourishment every now and then. A little masking can go a long way in, firstly, tackling different concerns — there are clay masks to fight pollution and oiliness, sheet masks for hydration, coffee masks for revival; the list goes on and on.

Similarly, there are keratin-heavy masks for frizzy hair, oil-filled masks for damaged hair, moisturising masks for dry hair. Make the most of the options available to you!


8. Remember: Everyone Is Different

8. Remember: Everyone Is Different

Finally, remember that there's no one-size-fits-all when it comes to skincare and hair care! We're all beautiful in our own way, and the best beauty tip out there is just to be comfortable in your own skin. Also, what works for me may not work for you, and the opposite holds true as well. Sometimes, skincare, hair care, and overall beauty is a game of trial-and-error, and it's up to you, at the end of the day, to figure out what works for your skin and what doesn't.

Keep at it, and with enough research, you'll figure out what your face and your hair really need. Except for sunscreen. Always use sunscreen, no matter what!

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