If you’re the kind who is always scouting for the most effective beauty tips for glowing skin, we’re here to help. You’ve got to know that achieving glowing skin takes effort. Your skin is exposed to the heat, pollution and dust every day, all of which can leave your skin looking dull. However, the solution is quite simple. Turns out, religiously following a simple skin regime is the key to radiant and glowing skin. Wondering what ours is? Read on…


Use a good face wash

A good face wash removes dirt and other impurities leaving your skin clean, thus maintaining your skin’s health. Our loyalties lie with the Lakmé Blush and Glow Peach Face Wash which contains fruit extracts and antioxidants that can cleanse your skin while giving it a fruity splash and a hint of colour.


Never forget your cream and sunscreen

Always remember to put on your day cream and sunscreen before leaving the house. The harsh sun rays can damage your skin. We’re absolutely in love with the Lakmé Absolute Perfect Radiance Whitening Day Crème that combines the best of both worlds. It protects your skin while maintaining its healthy sheen and since it is enriched with the dual power of micro-crystals and skin-lightening vitamins, it delves deep into your skin to polish and lighten it and lend it a lustrous finish.


Invest in a good CC Cream

With its additional skin benefits there is no reason you shouldn’t invest in CC cream. We pick the Lakmé CC Cream that’s suited for all skin types. The cream acts as a moisturising agent to nourish and style your skin. Thanks to its semi-liquid texture that allows it to spread evenly, it helps even out your skin tone and provides much more uniform coverage than a regular BB cream. The Lakmé CC cream with SPF 20 comes in two shades and is tailor made for Indian skin types; it ensures sun protection while brightening and refreshing your skin.