As the beauty dictionary expands every day, so does the product range we have at our finger tips. The birth of BB creams and CC creams is a fine example of that. If, like us, all these alphabets being thrown around frazzle you, worry no more. That’s because we’re showing you what exactly BB creams and CC creams mean to you and how they can benefit your beauty routine.

BB Creams a.k.a. Beauty or Blemish Balms

A BB cream is a tinted moisturiser with sheer coverage. It is considered a cross between a moisturiser and a lightweight foundation. Not only does a BB cream give your skin a smoother appearance, but it also protects it from the sun while giving it a dewy, luminous look.

Benefits and application of a BB cream

When it comes to BB creams, we trust the Pond’s White Beauty BB+ cream. Its powerful mix of vitamin B3, vitamin E and SPF 30 can nourish your skin, fight dullness and protect it from the sun. Its instant coverage is so reliable that it leaves you with a radiance that lasts all day.

To apply this BB cream, dot the liquid textured cream all over your face and neck. Follow this by buffing it with a stippling brush.

CC Creams a.k.a. Colour Correction or Complexion Care

The primary role of a CC cream is to battle uneven tone and texture on the face. It evens out your complexion and even conceals redness so that your skin looks flawless and has a matte finish. If you are looking for a lightly concealed look on a regular basis, the CC cream is an ideal choice.

Benefits and application of CC Cream

In CC creams, our go-to product is the Lakmé CC cream. Along with its added benefit of SPF 20 that protects our skin from the sun, the Lakmé CC cream also evens out skin tone and provides it with uniform coverage.

To apply the CC cream, squeeze a small quantity at the back of your palm so that the warmth of your body lends itself to the product (and you can even test the shade). Then use a buffing brush to gently apply and blend the cream into your skin.