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Written by Fleur Xavier and Nethra RaghuramanDec 14, 2017
We all know Aloe Vera is good for us but again do we really know its benefits and in what forms we can use it in?? Here’s a list of home remedies we can derive from this miracle plant with simple tips for our skin, face, hair and health.
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For your skin and face

Aloe vera heals skin diseases and cures insect bites
Applying Aloe Vera directly on your skin or on the affected area can help your skin thanks to it being an anti-allergen. Using an aloe vera based face pack can do wonders for those with sensitive skin.

For healthy glowing skin and skin firmness
Applying Aloe Vera gel can help you get rid of dead cells. It supplies your body with anti-oxidants which will keep your skin hydrated and away from wrinkles. Drink aloe vera juice regularly for glowing skin.

Treats acne, sunburn and reduces stretch marks
Aloe vera has anti-inflammatory properties, which can reduce acne highly. Its contents can heal wounds due to which it can treat sunburns and reduce stretch marks.

For your hair

Promotes hair growth
Aloe Vera has enzymes that helps get rid of dead skin cells on the scalp.  It moisturizes and helps in maintaining the pH balance, which results in hair growth. You can apply aloe vera directly on your scalp or you can apply its juice mixed with essential oil.

Treats dandruff, itchy and inflamed scalp
Enzymes present in Aloe Vera help eliminate scalp dryness and itchy scalp. Aloe Vera’s anti-fungal properties make your scalp dandruff-free.

Good Conditioner
Aloe Vera can help retain the shine of your hair, making it look silky and smooth. The gel substance in aloe vera is similar to keratin, which can help you provide deep conditioning. The presence of amino acid adds strength and luster to your hair.

For overall health

Benefits the female reproductive system
Drinking a glass of aloe vera juice can help you with your painful periods.

Benefits for Weight Loss
Aloe Vera juice can help you lose those extra kilos. It has anti-oxidants which stimulate metabolism. This juice is also rich in necessary proteins and collagen. It has natural laxatives and detoxifying properties that help in faster digestion.

Increases Immunity
Anti-oxidants in aloe vera increase immunity and help to fight free radicals in the body which causes several diseases and makes you look old faster.


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