Ever Felt Like Your Skin Needs Energy? Here's How Peridot Stone Can Help Energise It

Written by Urvi ShahFeb 05, 2022
Ever felt like your skin needs energy? Here's how peridot stone can help energise it

It’s not uncommon for our skin to feel all dried up these days. It’s not much of a shocker if you take into consideration the times we’re living through. Your face is constantly ambushed by environmental pollutants, inundated by excessive exposure to UV rays, and subjected to unforgiving weather conditions — and you shrug all of it nonchalantly, without even attempting to counter the issue. To exacerbate the situation, you’re almost always thwarting the health of your skin by introducing new products in your routine without doing any research. There’s a reason why the savviest of skincare enthusiasts are scouring aisles — online or otherwise — for gemstone-infused concoctions. Here’s everything you need to know about why gemstone infused skincare is gaining momentum…


Why is everyone raging over gemstone-infused skincare?

Benefits of peridot stone for the skin

We’re well-acquainted with the concept of gemstone-infused skincare — what with beauty buffs being ardent supporters of gemstone-derived face-rollers. Oh, and, how can we not talk about the insanely popular, aesthetically pleasing gua sha? Crafted with rose-quartz, jade, amethyst, rude, and stones alike, these products are known to reinstate skin health.

It’s believed that gemstones possess healing properties even when applied topically… they remedy acne, inflammation, and infections, and purify and nourish the skin through their vast reserves of energy. The vibrational energies pulsating within these stones influence our energy, and heal blemishes, exfoliate the skin, soothe inflammation, and support the revival of a youthful glow - among a myriad of other benefits, that include warding off negative energies, connecting us to our heart chakra, encouraging self-love, and enhancing luck.

That explains why we’re witnessing the emergence of gemstone-infused skincare. Coupled with scientific ingredients, these stones, according to skincare experts, contribute to the overall effectiveness of a skincare product.

There’s a way to salvage your skin, and it’s through the use of an exquisite gemstone that rejuvenates your skin and breathes life back into your face (literally), which is why we’re scrambling to incorporate the peridot stone into our regimen.


Benefits of peridot stone for the skin

Benefits of peridot stone for the skin


A resplendent green-coloured gemstone, peridot is known to calm anxiety, improve health, and repel negative emotions. But who knew we would find this stone manoeuvering the skincare space? Packed with numerous benefits of the skin, here’s why you need to include peridot stone in your skincare routine.

1) Re-energises skin

We put our bodies through a lot on an everyday basis — crammed schedules, stress, environmental aggressors, and it reflects on the skin. Now and then, we must undo this damage, and prioritise skincare. This is where peridot comes in. It’s a proven skincare ingredient that energises your skin and rids you of a lacklustre complexion.

2) Increases skin’s oxygen intake

Oxygen is important for the health and maintenance of your skin. Not only does it trigger your body’s healing functions, but it also nourishes and hydrates the cells, stimulates collagen production (prevents signs of ageing), and endows the face with a dewy look, and allows your skin to absorb other products effectively. The peridot stone is known to enhance your skin’s oxygen intake by two times!

3) Reinstates overall glow

Once your skin is absorbing enough oxygen and feels re-energised, it will show on the face. It’s a fact that your skincare routine doesn’t need to be extensive, just effective. And you do it by incorporating the peridot stone into your regimen. Simple, isn’t it?



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