Gemstone Goodness: Here’s Why You Need To Introduce Peridot Stone In Your Skincare Routine Rn

Written by Urvi ShahAug 18, 2022
Gemstone goodness: Here’s why you need to introduce peridot stone in your skincare routine RN

If you’ve heard of facial rollers and gua sha, you must know that they’re infused with precious gemstones that promise to reinstate the health of your skin through the energies pulsating through them. From rose quartz to jade, these stones deliver healing properties to the face and are positioning themselves as saviours of our skin. And rightfully so. It’s not a surprise that we’re seeing these stones enrich skincare formulas as well.

According to experts, these stones contribute to the overall effectiveness of a product-from healing blemishes, reducing the prominence of acne-related scars, soothing inflammation to warding off negative energy, promoting self-love, and enhancing our luck. These gemstones are laced with spiritual as well as scientific benefits, and that’s precisely why we’re obsessing over the newly-launched gemstone-infused Lakme Fresh Life Range at the moment.


What does the Lakme Fresh Life Range include?

What sets this range apart from other skincare formulas?

The range includes a day crème and night crème. The day crème and night crème reduce the effects of stress on the skin and defend your skin from external aggressors for rejuvenated, energised skin. A dollop of the night crème is all you need to wake up to plump, moisturised skin. And the day crème preps you to take on the day without losing your glow. But how are these products managing to address so many concerns so effortlessly?


What sets this range apart from other skincare formulas?

What sets this range apart from other skincare formulas?

Each of these products is infused with a mineral-rich gemstone called peridot. A resplendent green-coloured stone, peridot is associated with a spectrum of skincare benefits and a bewildering number of spiritual benefits like calming anxiety, improving health, and repelling negative emotions. Here’s why the savviest of skincare enthusiasts are raging over this stone RN!

  • Re-energises skin


We put our bodies through a lot on an everyday basis—crammed schedules, stress, environmental aggressors, and it reflects on the skin. We must undo this damage and prioritise skincare. This is where peridot comes in. It’s a proven skincare ingredient that energises your skin and rids you of a lacklustre complexion.


  • Increases skin’s oxygen intake


Oxygen is important for the health and maintenance of your skin. Not only does it trigger your body’s healing functions, but it also nourishes and hydrates the cells. It stimulates collagen production (which prevents signs of ageing), endows the face with a dewy look, and allows your skin to absorb other products effectively. The peridot stone is known to enhance your skin’s oxygen intake by two times!

  • Reinstates overall glow


Once your skin absorbs enough oxygen and feels re-energised, it will show on the face. Your skincare routine doesn’t need to be extensive, just effective. And you do it by incorporating the peridot stone into your regimen.



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