Skincare trends are constantly changing. On some days a particular ingredient is having its moment in the sun, while on other days, we are looking at brand new ways to cleanse our face. Speaking of cleansing, did you know that muslin cloth is the newest cleansing tool on the block?

If you’ve never heard of this cleansing method, then you’re in luck, ‘cause we are about to tell you not one, but five reasons why you need to include a muslin cloth in your skincare routine. Let’s begin…


First things first… what is a muslin cloth, anyway?

First things first… what is a muslin cloth, anyway?

Muslin is a super-thin fabric that is made from 100% cotton. Owing to its super gentle and absorbent properties, this cloth is mostly used to make baby clothes, diapers and blankets. Apart from being super non-abrasive (remember that this cloth is gentle enough to be used on new-born babies), a muslin cloth becomes softer over time with use. If you are wondering where to find one immediately, we suggest you ask your mom for it. We are sure she will have one stashed somewhere around the house.

But why should I include it in my skincare routine?


01. Gently exfoliates your skin

01.	Gently exfoliates your skin

One of the best benefits of using a muslin cloth in your beauty routine is that it thoroughly exfoliates your skin without being even the tiniest bit abrasive. Its gentle exfoliating properties leave your skin feeling extremely soft and supple.

But as with any form of exfoliation, you need to be very mindful about over-scrubbing. This can irritate your skin and leave it inflamed and irritated. If you have normal to dry skin, it is safe to use a muslin cloth every day, provided you are extremely gentle. But if you have sensitive skin, we recommend that you stick to exfoliating your skin 2-3 of times a week.


02. Boosts up the collagen levels of your skin

02.	Boosts up the collagen levels of your skin

We all know the umpteen skincare benefits of regular exfoliation. Apart from eliminating dead skin cells, it also helps to improve your overall skin texture. And when you exfoliate your skin using a muslin cloth, it helps break down skin cells, thoroughly removes impurities and in turn, boosts collagen production. This is a great wat to ensure that your skin looks young and plump for years to come.


03. Provides a deep cleansing effect

03.	Provides a deep cleansing effect

A muslin cloth is a tightly woven fabric that offers a deep cleansing effect for your skin. Gently rubbing muslin cloth over an oil or balm-based cleanser helps to get rid of dirt, impurities, oil, sweat and gunk to leave your skin feeling thoroughly cleansed, nourished and ready to absorb the skincare products that are to follow.


04. Effectively calms inflammation

04.	Effectively calms inflammation

When you exfoliate your skin with a muslin cloth, it stimulates the lymphatic system and improves blood circulation in the area. Doing this regularly helps calm inflammation, puffiness and redness, thereby making your skin appear clear, even-toned and glowy.

5. Cost-effective and environment-friendly

Another really great benefit of including a muslin cloth in your skincare routine is that it is easy on the pocket. Since the efficacy and softness of the muslin cloth improves over time, a single piece of cloth is going to last you for a very long time. Additionally, this is a great way to take baby steps towards a more eco-friendly and green beauty routine.