Vitamin C Is The Only Skincare Ingredient Everyone Needs — Here’s Why

Written by Nishtha BhallaNov 30, 2023
Vitamin C is the only skincare ingredient everyone needs — here’s why

Few skincare ingredients have managed to take the internet by storm like Vitamin C has. A topically-used ingredient that has so many benefits, you'd run out of fingers listing them all. In fact, it has been termed the holy grail of skincare routines. Adding to its already long list of benefits is that it's a skincare ingredient for every single skin type. No, we're not exaggerating. Whether you have oily skin, dry, dull skin, mature skin, sensitive, acne-prone skin, or even combination skin — a trusty Vitamin C serum can take care of all your skincare woes without any side effects. Need further proof? We're listing down all the reasons why Vitamin C is the only skincare ingredient everyone needs. Read on…


01. It hydrates the skin

05. It helps with hyperpigmentation

Does your skin break out into oil at the thought of using a hydrating product? Or is your skin so dry, deserts are jealous? Regardless of your skin type, Vitamin C is here to balance out the hydration factor. One of the main Vitamin C derivatives used in skincare is magnesium ascorbyl phosphate, which gives the skin some instant hydration by allowing better moisture retention. And since Vitamin C serums reduce water loss from the skin, they manage to keep the moisture intact — meaning you get hydrated, glowing skin without it being oily.


02. It's brightening

05. It helps with hyperpigmentation

Whether you've got dull, oily skin or dry, lifeless-looking skin — you can trust Vitamin C to revive it. It blocks the path of abnormal melanin production in the skin and evens out skin tone while also lightening dark spots. This leads to a brightening effect without messing with regular skin pigmentation and, of course, rejuvenates the skin.


03. It's an antioxidant

05. It helps with hyperpigmentation

Unhealthy-looking skin bringing you down? It could be because of free radicals, which are the reason why your skin's collagen breaks down, and you get dark spots, saggy skin, and fine lines. Luckily, Vitamin C is an antioxidant, which means that it manages to break down these free radicals before they permanently damage your skin's barrier. And since it can be used topically and doesn't have any side effects, it's good news for all skin types!


04. It has anti-ageing benefits

05. It helps with hyperpigmentation

It doesn't matter if you're halfway through the ageing process or stressing about wrinkles when you turn 25 — Vitamin C is the answer to ageing woes. Since it neutralises the free radicals on the skin, it also manages to prevent premature signs of ageing that may be stressing you out. But that's not all! It can reduce the appearance of wrinkles since it helps promote collagen production and supports skin structure. That's something that will turn that frown upside down!


05. It helps with hyperpigmentation

05. It helps with hyperpigmentation

Calling everyone with sun-damaged skin, age spots, sun spots, and melasma! Vitamin C can help fade out hyperpigmentation and dark spots with ease. Since it hinders the abnormal melanin production in the skin, Vitamin C can fade out dark spots and signs of hyperpigmentation without any trouble and lead to an even-toned, damage-free complexion with an effortless glow.

05. It helps with hyperpigmentation

Psst... Now that we've let you in on why Vitamin C is the ingredient for all skin types, it's about time you incorporated it into your skincare routine! The one Vitamin C serum that's caught our eye is Pond's newest launch, the Pond's Bright Beauty Vitamin C Serum. With a smoothening, moisturising and nourishing effect, the non-greasy and lightweight serum is the answer to all our skincare woes. It will improve your skin texture and brighten it since it contains 80X Vitamin C* and leaves you with a gorgeous glow, no matter what your skin type. It’s time to #CTheBrightSide.

*Concentration vs. Pond’s Bright Beauty Spot-less Glow Serum

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