If you happen to have oily skin, you know the umpteen problems related to it—pimples, blackheads and the works. Of course, a lot of it has to do with the pollution, unhealthy food habits and sun damage—all of which can send your sebaceous glands in overdrive. If you’ve been fighting such skin battles for a while, here’s an oily skin care guide

Stop washing your face too much

When you have oily skin all day long, we know it might be natural for you to wash it over and over again. But little did you know that this can cause your skin to turn all the more oily. Understand that the oil in your skin called sebum keeps your skin lubricated. When you strip your skin off this oil, it automatically over produces it. So restrict yourself from washing your face more than twice a day.

Use the right products

If you’ve been suffering from oily skin, you automatically suffer from breakouts every once in a while. This is why you need to rely on the POND'S Pimple Clear White Face Wash. Well, it’s designed with a special oil-absorbing clay, a pimple fighting essence and beads that wash away dullness. This means less sebum production and less oily skin.  Besides using the right face wash, you must also depend on a moisturiser that will lend you hydrated skin yet not leave your skin looking greasy. Our suggestion is the Pond’s Silk Cream Moisturiser as this cream blends beautifully in your skin without making it feel sticky. Oh and it has a 24-hour moisture lock formula, which means your skin will be hydrated and nourished throughout the day.

Don’t pick your face

Picking on red spots and acne will only cause further damage to the skin. The bacteria on your fingers will come in contact with the pimple, thus making the acne all the more severe. Our suggestion would be to wash your hands before you apply anything on your face.

Keep makeup brushes clean

Always use makeup sponges and brushes instead of your hands to blend your makeup. While you do that, make sure you wash your brushes regularly because dirty ones are going to transfer the bacteria onto your skin making your oily skin worse. This is one of the best oily skin care tips you need to swear by.