When it comes to your skincare routine, there's one step you simply can't afford to skip: moisturisers. They're the backbone of a nourishing routine, ensuring your skin remains hydrated and vibrant. From understanding their significance in maintaining healthy skin to selecting the right one for your specific needs, this article covers it all. We'll strip away the confusion and provide you with straightforward insights into the world of moisturizers. Whether your skin is oily, dry, sensitive, or a mix of these, the best face moisturizer can transform your routine. So, let's dive into the heart of skincare and discover the moisturisers that are truly worth the hype. 

Best Moisturizers We Can't Stop Talking About  

In the world of skincare, the term "moisturiser" holds paramount importance. Think of it as your skin's trusty shield against the harsh elements of the environment. Our skin is a fascinating organ, but it needs a little help to stay healthy and supple. This is where moisturizers come in – they're like a refreshing drink of water for your skin, delivering hydration and locking in moisture

Why Moisturizers Matter  


Moisturisers play a crucial role in maintaining this barrier, preventing moisture loss that can lead to dryness and irritation. Whether you have skin that's as oily as a frying pan or as dry as the desert, the best face moisturizer is your partner-in-crime for a balanced complexion. 

But that's not all. Moisturisers are like the unsung heroes of skincare. They're not just about hydrating your skin; they also help in strengthening the skin's natural defences. So, if you're on a quest for healthy, happy skin, a top-notch moisturiser is your secret weapon. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Moisturizer  

Let's delve into the nitty-gritty of finding the best moisturizer for you.  

Skin Type Matters  

Your skin type is like a fingerprint - unique and specific to you. Oily, dry, or a little bit of both (aka combination skin) - there's a moisturiser designed to cater to your skin's needs. If pimples are your perpetual pals, look for non-comedogenic options that won't clog your pores, especially if you're prone to acne. 

Ingredients to Look For  


The ingredients label on your moisturiser is like a treasure map. Hyaluronic acid, glycerin, and ceramides are the gems you want to see. They're the powerhouse trio that'll keep your skin hydrated, soft, and oh-so-glowy. And if you're waving at your 30s from a distance, antioxidants like vitamins C and E are your besties, helping you combat those sneaky signs of ageing. 

Proper Cleansing   

Before you dive into the world of moisturisers, a clean canvas is a must. Start with a clean face, and your skin will thank you. But here's a little secret: your moisturiser loves damp skin. Applying it when your skin is slightly damp helps lock in extra hydration. It's like giving your skin a double dose of goodness. 

Gentle Massage  

Applying moisturiser isn't just about slapping it on and calling it a day. Imagine you're playing a piano; your fingers move in upward motions, right? The same goes for your moisturiser. Use gentle, upward strokes to massage it into your skin. This not only helps with absorption but also increases blood circulation for that enviable natural glow. 

Choosing the Right Moisturizers 

Now, the moment you've been waiting for – the best moisturizers that have taken the skincare world by storm: 

Hydrating Gel Moisturizer  


If your skin tends to be oilier than a fry-up, this one's for you. A gel-based moisturiser is like a refreshing drink for your skin, minus the greasy aftertaste. It hydrates your skin without suffocating it, leaving you with a shine-free, dewy finish. Oily and combination skin types, rejoice! 

If you are wondering which moisturizer is best for oily skin, look for none other than Lakme Absolute Hydra Pro Gel Crème. This lightweight gel formula is enriched with the revolutionary water bank molecule, hyaluronic acid. Instantly plump up your skin while reducing moisture loss. Clinically proven to boost skin hydration by 70% and lock it in for 72 hours, this gel crème enhances skin texture, leaving you with a dewy, fresh appearance. This is the best moisturizer for oily skin that provides superior hydration without greasiness.   

Rich Cream Moisturizer  


For those with dry, sensitive skin, we've got your back. A rich, creamy moisturiser is like a warm hug for your face. It's packed with nourishing ingredients that quench your skin's thirst and create a protective barrier against the elements. Say goodbye to flaky, irritated skin and hello to a supple, happy complexion. 

In case you are wondering which moisturizer is best for dry skin, try out the Simple Kind to Skin Replenishing Rich Facial Moisturiser,  your 24-hour hydration solution for dry skin. Instantly doubling your skin's moisture, this rich moisturiser leaves your face silky, smooth, and nurtured throughout the day. Ideal for dry skin, this best moisturizer for dry skin is formulated with skin-loving ingredients like Pro-Vitamin B5 and Bisabolol, ensuring deep nourishment without greasiness. 

Dual-Purpose Moisturizer with SPF  


Here's a multitasking marvel: the best moisturizer that also shields your skin from the sun's harmful rays. Daily sun protection is non-negotiable, and this dual-purpose moisturiser makes it a breeze. It's like a bodyguard for your skin, providing hydration and UV defence in one easy step. 

If you want to know which moisturizer is best for hydration as well as UV protection, use the Simple Kind to Skin Protecting Light Moisturiser with SPF15. Defend your skin against both UVA and UVB rays while enjoying 12 hours of hydration. Its lightweight, non-greasy formula ensures a soft and smooth complexion, all while guarding against harmful sun exposure. Simplify your skincare routine with this convenient, all-in-one solution that combines moisturizing and protective properties. Get ready to face the day confidently, knowing your skin is shielded from the sun's effects while staying nourished and hydrated.  

Whether your skin is parched or gleaming, there's a moisturiser tailored to your needs. So, take this guide with you on your next skincare shopping spree, and embrace the glow that comes with well-moisturized skin. Your skin will thank you for it! 

FAQs about Best Moisturizers  

How often should I use a moisturiser? 

For optimal results, it's recommended to use a moisturiser twice a day – once in the morning and once before bed. Applying it after cleansing helps lock in moisture and create a protective barrier. 

Can I skip moisturiser if my skin is oily? 

No, skipping moisturiser can actually worsen oily skin. When your skin lacks moisture, it may compensate by producing more oil, leading to a potential increase in breakouts. Opt for oil-free or gel-based moisturisers designed for oily skin. 

Can moisturisers cause acne? 

Moisturisers themselves usually don't cause acne. However, using a heavy, pore-clogging moisturiser on acne-prone skin could exacerbate breakouts. Look for non-comedogenic options that won't clog pores.