Skincare is a really tricky topic. Why? Because no two skin problems are ever the same and what works for your BFF could be a nightmare for your skin. Take for example, something as simple as a moisturiser. There are tons of moisturisers in the market, and yet you need to go through at least a hundred bottles (okay, we may be exaggerating here a little bit, but you get the point) before finding the one that works beautifully for you.

And therefore, we really feel like no matter how well-versed you are with skincare, it is impossible to know just about everything there is about this topic. Therefore every time a beauty junkie like me is bombarded with new information on skin, I am a happy taker. If you are anything like us, then this article is going to please you to no end.

Read on to find out as we take you through some of the best and lesser known skincare tips we have ever come across over the years. Incorporate these simple yet effective skincare tips in your beauty routine to see a marked change in the appearance and feel of your skin…


1. Milk is a great exfoliant

Milk is a great exfoliant

You’ve never heard of this skincare tip before and are extremely surprised, aren’t you? Well, we know because so were we. The lactic acid in milk is a super effective exfoliant that is even suitable for people with the most sensitive skin types. Milk is an amazing exfoliant that helps to slough away dead skin cells, surface impurities and degunk your pores to leave your skin feeling clean, clear and smooth. All you need to do is dunk a clean washcloth in a bowl of milk and let it rest on your face for about five to 10 minutes. Wash away the remaining milk from your face with lukewarm water and moisturise to make your skin feel smooth AF.


2. Your neck and chest area is important too

Your neck and chest area is important too

Most often, we diligently follow a skincare routine for our face, but forget that we need to extend the same care towards our neck and chest area too. The skin on our neck is thinner than the skin on our face and therefore ends up showing signs of damage and age faster. If you want to avoid this, here’s a skincare tip you must follow – always extend your skincare products to your face as well. This will ensure that your neck and chest look as youthful and healthy as your face, and you will be able to put off the signs of ageing for a lot of years to come.


3. You must apply sunscreen even indoors

You must apply sunscreen even indoors

Believe it or not, UV rays end up affecting your skin even when you are indoors. In fact, not just the sunlight, but even the blue light from your digital devices such as phones and laptops ends up damaging your skin more than you know. While wearing a sunscreen when you step out is super non-negotiable, it is equally important to wear it even when all you plan to do is stay curled up in bed binge-watching your favourite show. Following this really simple skincare tip will show you a great change in your skin, we promise.


4. Scrub your eyebrows as well

Scrub your eyebrows as well

There is no doubting the importance of exfoliation in your skincare routine. This simple method goes a long way in sloughing away dead skin cells and keeps your skin clear and glowing. But did you know it is you need to extend this exfoliation to your eyebrows as well? Yes, you read that right. Scrubbing your eyebrows will promote better hair growth in the area and make your eyebrows grow fuller. 


5. Eat healthy

Eat healthy

Ladies, remember that none of your skincare products will work if you do not eat right, and this is one of the best skincare tips we have received. The food you eat helps to deliver the right nutrients to your body and this helps to keep your skin looking plump and glowing. Include more green leafy vegetables, lean meats, fish, nuts and fruits in your diet to ensure that your skin looks extremely young and glowing.


6. Masking is not an occasional thing

Masking is not an occasional thing

Do you think of your dear face mask only on one of those days when you either need some extra pampering or are having a girls night in? Well, to begin with, please change this attitude towards a face mask because for them to be effective and show results for everything that they claim, they need to be used regularly. If you cannot find the time to do a face mask every day, then do it at least once every two days to keep your skin looking plump, moisturized and nourished. But using just any face mask won’t do the job, you need to find one that suits your skin and addresses its special needs. Follow this skincare tip regularly and we promise you will notice amazing changes in your skin in no time.


7. Make changes to your skincare routine throughout the year

Make changes to your skincare routine throughout the year

For your skincare routine to show marked results, it is important to make the necessary swaps all through the year as the season changes. With the changing seasons, the needs of your skin changes and your skincare routine from the previous season will stop having any impact on your skin. Additionally, switching up your skincare products at regular intervals is a great way to ensure that your skin doesn’t get immune to them and continue to work exceptionally well.

FAQs about Skincare Tips:

Q. How can I take care of my face daily?

A. For your skin to look flawless, it is really important to take care of it every single day. Following a CTM routine, drinking enough water, switching to a silk pillowcase and getting enough sleep are some of the ways in which you can improve your skin health.

Q. What food helps achieve clear skin?

A. Green leafy vegetables, sunflower seeds, whole grains, almonds, lean meat, poultry and citrus fruits are a great way to achieve clear skin.

Q. Are toners necessary?

A. Yes, toner is an absolutely necessary item in your skincare routine, and this is a skincare tip we urge to not ignore. Apart from balancing the pH levels of your skin post-cleansing, it helps the skincare products that follow its application to sink deeper into your skin and show better results.