Best Winter Sunscreens To Ace Skin That Never Has A Dull Moment...

Written by Sachin PandeySep 16, 2023
Best winter sunscreens to ace skin that never has a dull moment...

It’s that time of the year when your moisturiser becomes your utmost priority—yes, the winter is here! Right when we are busy hydrating our winter skin, there’s something we choose to ignore this season. SUNSCREEN! Many skin experts advice that sunscreen is the one product that should be applied throughout the year—without a miss, be it summer or winter.

These are 2 best sunscreens that you will prove to be your savior this season...


Winter Sunscreen for Dry skin:

Winter Sunscreen for Oily Skin:

Winter calls for dry skin and moisturising becomes more than important to prevent your skin from dryness, itchiness, and discoloration. The best bet is to choose a sunscreen that also deeply hydrates your skin while protecting it from the harmful UV rays and free radicals. The Lakmé Peach Milk Moisturizer SPF 24 PA++ provides your skin with deep hydration and sun protection. This lightweight moisturiser will make your skin feel soft and supple! Quite a fix, isn’t it?


Winter Sunscreen for Oily Skin:

Winter Sunscreen for Oily Skin:

Oily skin can be quite troublesome, the extra sebum on the face makes your skin appear dull and lifeless. Hence, a cream based product is a big NO for oily skin. However, you can use a gel or a non-comedogenic product. The Lakmé  Sun Expert Ultra Matte SPF 50 PA+++ Gel is an effective sunscreen that is lightweight, non-sticky and gives a matte finish to your skin for a shine-free complexion all day long.

Expert tip: For extra sun protection you can replace your compact powder with the Lakmé Sun Expert Ultra Matte SPF 40 Pa+++ Compact, just dab it whenever necessary for a flawless matte finish and bright complexion.

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