It is all but a known fact that fine lines and creases around your eye area are the first signs of ageing. However, there are plenty of ways to slow down the brutal process to keep them looking nourished and supple for longer!
Here are a few tips to brighten eyes…
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Don’t forget to moisturise

One of the most common mistakes people make is forgetting to moisturise the under eye area. It is important to note that the skin surrounding your eye is particularly sensitive and thus needs twice the attention! Leaving the eye area too dry causes it to stretch and tighten in ways you wouldn’t want visible on your face. Take care to generously nourish this sensitive skin with a balm, butter, eye-cream or serum right before you head to bed and you’ll notice a positive difference in the morning. Caffeine and Shea Butter are known to be two ingredients that lighten eyes and aid in firming and hydrating the eye-skin. What’s more, applying your eye makeup the next day will be a cake-walk because the skin is left hydrated and smooth.

Cut the crap

Cut out all your salty mid-day snacks to reduce puffiness around your eyes. A high-sodium diet intensifies under eye bags and swelling. In addition, rather than easing puffiness with fresh cucumber opt for raw potato. Along with calming down your skin to leave it refreshed, raw potato also contains an enzyme that will help brighten the under eye area to leave your peepers positively glowing.

Don’t over-pluck

As you grow older it is only natural that your hair is going to grow thinner and this includes your eyebrow hair. Which is why, over plucking your brows now will be doing you more damage than good. We recommend that you use a pair of tweezers to simply clean up your eyebrow arch and this will help to open up your eyes. To go one step further use an eye-lash curler to really make your eyes pop and you’ll be set with a bright, sparkling set of eyes!

With these easy, low-maintenance tips you’ll have no difficulty keeping your eyes looking and feeling bright, bold and beautiful!