Most of us are rather fond of dairy—be it in the form of milk, paneer or even ice cream. And those who are lactose intolerant will know how it has some adverse effects on their body. But even if you aren't lactose intolerant, you should know that the effects of dairy on the skin can be rather alarming. That's because the protein in dairy is highly concentrated, which makes it difficult to digest. This is when the body slows down and the elimination of toxins become tough leading to skin problems. Below are the various ways in which dairy could manifest itself into skin issues. If you've been facing these it's time to consult your physician and find ways to beat the allergy...



Acne - Skin problem due to milk and dairy products

One of the biggest side-effects of dairy is acne. This is because every kind of dairy contains hormones that react on your skin in the form of zits. You should know that it is milk that actually contains testosterone-like hormones that can send your oil glands on an overdrive leading to acne.



Eczema - Skin problem due to milk and dairy products

Eczema is a serious skin concern that can be caused due to acne. When you find yourself turning allergic to dairy, your body starts producing histamine, which is a chemical that causes several allergic reactions including eczema. This causes severe irritation and inflammation on the skin. Hence, if you've been experiencing skin concerns over time, it might be a wise idea to get medically tested for a dairy allergy.



Wrinkles - Skin problem due to milk and dairy products

Dairy is a natural form of sugar, which is known to raise the glycemic index thereby leading to wrinkled skin and of course, breakouts. When we consume sugar, it links to the amino acids in collagen and elastin breaking them down causing our skin to turn saggy.