Common Mistakes To Avoid While Shaving Your Underarms

Written by Sanya HamdaniSep 16, 2023
Common mistakes to avoid while shaving your underarms

Whether you prefer waxing, hair removal creams or shaving to get rid of underarm hair, we are not here to judge. But we have all reached out for a razor every once in a while because we couldn’t wait to wear that cute sleeveless dress.

While it is okay to use a razor when you’re pressed for time or when you are too lazy to visit the salon, not doing it the right way is not okay. Women make a lot of mistakes while shaving their underarms, this leads to darkening, ingrown hair and sometimes even razor burn.

Listed below are some common mistakes women make while shaving their underarms and how to avoid them.


Not exfoliating

Not shaving in an ‘X’ pattern

While it is important to exfoliate your body every few days, it is also essential to exfoliate your underarms right before shaving. The reason you should exfoliate is because it removes dead skin cells and gives you a smoother and closer shave. This will prevent ingrown hair and require minimum efforts to get rid of unwanted hair.


Using a razor for too long

Not shaving in an ‘X’ pattern

If you don’t remember the last time you changed your razor, maybe now is the time to do so. Using a blunt razor to remove underarm hair will never give good results. Also, this razor can be packed with bacteria and lead to infections. Having said that, you should also be careful while using a new razor, as it tends to be sharper. Use gentle, slow strokes to get the job done.


Over shaving

Not shaving in an ‘X’ pattern

Did you know women shave their underarm with an average of 10 strokes? That’s a lot of shaving for an area as delicate as the underarm. If you over shave your armpit, it will leave the skin feeling dry, sensitive and also remove the protective layer. Therefore we recommend shaving only when it is necessary and doing it gently.


Not shaving in an ‘X’ pattern

Not shaving in an ‘X’ pattern

Did you know there's a right way to shave your underarms? Yes, there is and it's called the 'X' pattern. It is the trick that will help you get the closest shave possible, without any skin irritation. Gently pull and hold the skin below your underarm with your fingers and then shave in an X pattern. The reason why this works is because your underarm hair does not grow in one direction.

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