Along with our lungs and health in general, pollution and the winter fog can take a toll on our skin too. Pollution is responsible for making our skin dull, sensitive and acne-prone! Not just this, pollution also makes our skin suffer from premature ageing and wrinkles eventually. Are you fretting already? Well, don’t!

To help reverse the damage of pollution on your skin, we've got you a DIY face mask that will be your lifesaver this season. Read on to find out more...

DIY anti pollution face mask

You will Need:

●     1 tbsp Fuller’s Earth also called Multani Mitti

●     10 tbsp water

●     5-6 drops almond oil

●     5 drops lemon juice

●     Method:

●     Start by taking a spoonful of fuller’s earth and water in a clean bowl.

●     Add a few drops of lemon juice and almond oil in the bowl, and mix it well until a paste of thick consistency is formed.

●     Apply this mask evenly on your face and neck. Wait until the mask has fully dried up before rinsing it with cold water.

●     For best results, apply this mask once every week to reverse the damage of pollution on your skin.