If you’re a manicure buff, you’ll obviously prefer longer nails (just like me) because there is so much you can experiment with. From studded nail art to negative space and more, there is no dearth of options when it comes to dressing up long nails. Whereas, with shorter nails, the options seem to be fewer because there’s no space to create an elaborate nail art.

However, not everyone is blessed with naturally long nails, and having acrylics on all throughout the year does not only prove to be expensive but can also take a serious toll on the health of your nails. So, what do you do? Grow out your natural nails, duh! But wait, even that isn’t as simple as it sounds! While some have a problem with nail-biting and brittle nails, others are mostly struggling to boost their nail growth without making any progress whatsoever. If the frustration has led you to give up, hang in there! We’ve got a solution to this. It’s called DIY nail soak!

To prepare this DIY nail soak, all you need to do is gather three ingredients from your kitchen and start the procedure. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

diy nail soak to boost nail growth

Step 01: Mix together one clove crushed garlic and half cup orange juice

Step 02: Pour the mixture into two small bowls or one big bowl and soak your fingernails in there for about fifteen minutes

Step 03: Then, throw away the mixture from the bowls and re-fill the same bowls with one-fourth cup of olive oil

Step 04: Soak your fingernails in olive oil for another five to ten minutes

Step 05: Lastly, wash your hands and repeat the process twice a week for effective results.