Pulled an all-nighter for a big presentation or stayed up late gawking at your social media feed? Well, whatever the reason was, the outcome was the same. You woke up with tired and puffy eyes with dark circles around. Don’t fret just yet, as we might have a solution to salvage the situation. Your eyes need a hydrating mask with some skin-loving ingredients and a burst of freshness to fight the fatigue.

You can use ingredients from your house to make a DIY eye mask and get instantly refreshed and awake eyes. What these ingredients are, you ask? Cucumber and rose water! These super hydrating ingredients give your tired eyes a boost of moisture and freshness so you don’t look tired and most importantly don’t end up with dark circles and puffy eyes.  

Here’s how you can DIY an under-eye mask using just the two ingredients and relax your peepers.

pamper eyes with diy eye mask

You need:

  • Rose water
  • Cucumber
  • Cotton pads

pamper eyes with diy eye mask

How to:

Grate one whole cucumber and squeeze the juice out of it. Mix one teaspoon of rose water into the juice and mix well. Cut a cotton pad in semi-circles and dip it in the mixture. Keep the dipped cotton pads under eyes and let them stay for 20 minutes. Remove the pads and rinse off. Follow up with a nourishing eye cream. You can store this mixture and use up to two to three days. Also, you can freeze it in an ice tray and rub the ice cubes around your eyes to reduce puffiness in a jiffy.

Image courtesy: Pinterest