Is Staying Indoors Just As Harmful For Your Skin As Going Outside? We Got A Dermat To Tell Us

Written by Urvi DalalSep 16, 2023
Is staying indoors just as harmful for your skin as going outside? We got a Dermat to tell us

It’s been over two months since we have been home to curb further spread of the pandemic. And honestly, we have started to feel the cabin fever now, but we are also trying to take this opportunity to indulge in a little self-care and that means pampering our skin silly.

But one question that consistently kept popping up in our daily Team BB video calls is - does staying indoors really have any positive effects on our skin? After much debate, we decided to let the experts answer this for us. Hence, we contacted Dermatologist Dr. Rashmi Shetty to clear the air once and for all, and tell us exactly what it’s like for our skin now that we are indoors all the time. Read on…


The benefits of staying indoors for your skin

DIY treatments could cause irritation and breakouts

Staying indoors has a hugely positive effect on the skin. If you are wondering how, Dr. Rashmi Shetty says, “There is no pollution that is coming on to your face, no harmful sun rays, or wind, smoke, vehicle exhaust or particulate dust, all of which cause allergies.” Another thing she points out is that there is lesser oxidative as well as physical stress now that we are at home and these are some advantages of staying indoors.

On the flip side, there are certain other factors that affect our skin while we’re indoors. Here’s what they are.


Blue light can cause pigmentation and photo ageing

DIY treatments could cause irritation and breakouts

While there are benefits to staying indoors, there have to be some things that do affect skin health negatively too, and blue light or simply dust coming through the windows are the first things that come to mind. Dr. Shetty says, “Yes, blue light and UV rays do come out of your screen, but most good quality gadgets have a UV screen protectant, and that doesn’t harm your skin as much as people imagine.” That said, limit your screen time and add an eye cream like the Dermalogica Total Eye Care SPF 15 to your skincare routine.


Indoor aggressors can lead to dullness

DIY treatments could cause irritation and breakouts

If you’ve noticed your skin looking duller than usual, it could be because of not following your skincare routine properly. If you want to walk out of the quarantine with that glow, then here’s what Dr. Rashmi has to say. “Wash your face at least twice a day without fail. If you have oily skin, wash your face three times. It is important to do this because even when you’re at home there is still dust, dead skin, sebum and perspiration that you definitely don’t want accumulating on your skin. And lastly, don’t forget to moisturise your face as and when needed.

To prevent breakouts, use the Pond’s Pimple Clear Face Wash and follow it up with the Lakme 9 to 5 Naturale Aloe Aqua Gel.

Additionally, you can also use this time to pamper your skin. “Indulge in massages using tools such as jade rollers that help to stimulate your skin,” says Dr Shetty. These help to nourish and condition your skin and ensure that you walk out of this quarantine with that hard-to-miss glow!


Air conditioning or lack of proper care can lead to dryness

DIY treatments could cause irritation and breakouts

Apart from following your usual skincare routine of cleansing, toning and moisturising, Dr. Shetty emphasises on the importance of using a moisturising lip balm. This will help reduce chapped lips to a great extent.

For the rest of your body, use an effective body lotion like the Vaseline Aloe Fresh Body Lotion to keep your skin supple and moisturised.


Sun’s UV rays can damage your skin

DIY treatments could cause irritation and breakouts

Yes, UVA rays can enter through your window panes and reach the deepest layers of your skin. Dr Shetty advises, “If your home is really well lit and has open windows with a lot of natural light, then it is important that you wear a sunscreen even indoors.” But if you draw your curtains or simply don’t have too much natural sunlight, you can easily skip wearing sunscreen.

Any good broad spectrum sunscreen like the Lakme Sun Expert UV Lotion SPF 30 should be just fine while you’re indoors.


DIY treatments could cause irritation and breakouts

DIY treatments could cause irritation and breakouts

Everyone seems to be obsessed with trying out DIY face packs and hair masks while in quarantine, but Dr. Shetty strictly advises against using DIY treatments without first finding out their credibility or checking if the source is a professional.

Additionally, now is not the time to experiment with skincare products that you haven’t tried before because she warns, “If something goes wrong, it would be difficult to see a professional given the lockdown, and that could make matters worse.”

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