Warning: Mixing These Skincare Ingredients Can Wreak A Havoc On Your Skin

Written by Anjali AgarwalSep 16, 2023
Warning: Mixing these skincare ingredients can wreak a havoc on your skin

Every makeup and skincare junkie will plead guilty of having mixed different products and layers without even paying heed to their contents, at least once in their beauty life. Well, we’re very sorry to inform you that it is the worst thing you could have done to your skin.

While some products and ingredients, when mixed together are more effective (case in point: Vitamin C and E), there are some combinations that don’t do any good to your skin. Watch out for these ingredients that should never be mixed together if you want clear skin...


Vitamin C and AHA

Retinol with benzoyl peroxide

Vitamin C is good when it comes to brightening and exfoliating your skin. AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) on the other hand, like lactic acid helps speed up cell turnover and smoothens skin surface. But when the two are layered or mixed, AHA can destabilise the pH balance of Vitamin C and make it ineffective. Also, it can lead to skin reactions if you have sensitive skin. It is recommended therefore, that you use Vitamin C during the day and AHA at night.


AHA/BHA with Retinoid and retinol

Retinol with benzoyl peroxide

You find retinoid and retinol in anti-ageing and acne creams. It works on stimulating skin cells and repairing damaged skin. They are also peeling agents and when mixed with acids such as AHA and BHA (beta hydroxy acid), can damage skin’s outer layer, making it dry, flaky and prone to irritation.


Retinol with benzoyl peroxide

Retinol with benzoyl peroxide

Acne sufferers would know what importance these two hold in getting rid of the zits. Retinol and benzoyl peroxide both work on acne but separately. Together, they cancel out each other and also lead to severe skin problems like peeling, scarring, dryness and even blistering.

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