Eat these foods to beat those dark circles

Written by Sanya HamdaniFeb 20, 2019

Dark circles can appear due to a lot of reasons. Lack of sleep, consumption of alcohol, caffeine and not drinking enough water are some of the common reasons for under eye circles. The delicate area under your eye becomes thin, dehydrated and makes the blood vessels more prominent resulting ugly circles around the eyes. However, hydrating foods and those rich in mineral can bring about a noticeable difference, include the following in your daily diet right away and watch those dark circles disappear.


Cucumber contains high water content making it a classic beauty food. Including a few slices of it in your diet can hydrate the body and skin keeping several skin issues at bay. It also contains vitamin K which improves the elasticity of the skin.


With a highest water content of 92%, watermelon instantly rehydrates the body by balancing the water ratio. The many antioxidants present in it support eye health and reduce the appearance of dark circles. Snack on a few slices during the day or include in smoothies or juices.


The richest source of lycopene, tomatoes protects the delicate blood vessels around the eyes. It also improves circulation to the eyes. Eat at least one medium or seven cherry tomatoes each day by adding to your salad.


Beetroot contains essential components that lighten skin and impart a healthy glow. The betalain antioxidant in this vegetable is extremely useful for improving eye health. Other than reducing dark circles it also improves eyesight. Drink a glass of beetroot juice in the morning to reap maximum benefits.


A protein rich diet improves the oxygen supply to your skin making it look healthy and glowing. Include one serving of egg every day and a small portion of chicken in your diet for your daily dose of protein.