We’ve been playing with makeup since we were 11. Which means by now we should probably be pros, right? Sadly, that’s not the case. But while we might not have mastered the art of applying makeup, we have mastered the art of hacking our way to making it appear picture perfect. Here’s our list of single step beauty hacks you need to know…

8 single step beauty hacks tips eyebrows 430x550

If you’re dealing with unruly brows, trying to grow them out or tame them, dab some lip balm onto your finger and then onto your brows to comb them in place. It’ll give them a light sheen, make them look shapely and super thick.

8 single step beauty hacks tips eyeshadows 430x550

Playing with coloured eye shadow? Get it to pop more than usual by applying a base coat of white eye shadow or using a white liner across your upper lid. The illusion created by the white will add depth to your eye colour and make it appear brighter than it actually is.

8 single step beauty hacks tips lipstick 430x550

The one lipstick trick we wish we’d learned earlier in life? After you finish applying your lipstick, shape your mouth into an ‘O’, pop your finger inside and then pull it out. All the excess lipstick that would’ve got on your teeth will now be on the sides of your finger. Voila!

8 single step beauty hacks tips french manicure 430x550

French manicures can be tricky business when you’re doing them at home. Take a little help from a Band-Aid by placing it all across your nail except for the edge that you wish to paint white. Take it off once the nail colour dries and polish off with a transparent coat.

8 single step beauty hacks tips dark circles 430x550

If you’ve pulled yet another late nighter at the office and need a quick fix for those dark circles before your big meeting, just put two cold green tea bags under your eyes for about 10 minutes. Quick and natural!

8 single step beauty hacks tips coconut oil 430x550

If you’re suffering from a bad spell of dry skin, use the age old remedy of coconut oil. Coconut oil applied all over the skin acts as a deep moisturising and conditioning agent, and since it’s natural, it can be used on all skin types.

8 single step beauty hacks tips concealer 430x550

A common mistake we all make while applying concealer is dotting it under our eyes. Instead of dotting it, apply it in the form of lines leading from the inside of your eye outwards to cover your dark circles, almost in the shape of a triangle. This will give you better coverage as well as blend into your cheeks easily.

8 single step beauty hacks tips perfume 430x550

Yes, there is indeed an easy way to get your perfume to linger on longer without wearing the strongest smelling scent ever. Just use some cream or Vaseline on your pulse points before applying your perfume. The Vaseline acts as a barrier to ensure that your scent is held on longer than if you’d have sprayed it directly on your skin.