The Essential Exfoliation Guide For Men

Written by Chandni GhoshOct 25, 2018
You’ve probably seen your partner swear by exfoliation as part of her bathing routine. But do you know that your skin needs it just as much? Environmental pollutants like the sun and pollution cause several germs to settle on your skin, which eventually lead to dead skin buildup and a dull complexion. This is why scrubbing your body twice a week is a must even for men. Here’s more on how to exfoliate men’s skin...

Why should men exfoliate?

How to exfoliate

One of the biggest reasons behind exfoliating is getting rid of dead skin buildup. When you exfoliate, you basically buff away the debris that may have settled on your skin. But we suggest restricting it to twice a week only because this is a deep cleaning process that, if overdone, can cause irritation on your skin. Moreover, as you start ageing, your skin cell turnover slows down but exfoliation can rejuvenate your skin cells and can therefore, save your skin from turning wrinkly and saggy.


What you need?

How to exfoliate

To exfoliate in the right way, we suggest you embrace the Dove Gentle Exfoliating Nourishing Body Wash. This product will gently wash away dead skin along along with giving you softer and smoother skin. What’s more, its NutriumMoisture technology will give you the goodness of natural nutrients that keep your skin supple at all times. For added benefits, we suggest using the St Ives – Smoothing Apricot Body Wash that’s made with 100% natural moisturisers and exfoliants. It’s hypoallergenic and suits all skin types. The apricot in it scrubs away dull skin and leaves your skin smooth and healthy.


How to exfoliate

How to exfoliate

Once you have the above products on your bath shelf, take a bit of product from the Dove Gentle Exfoliating Body Wash on a loofah and then scrub your body gently paying attention to specific areas like your elbows and knees. Wash off your body with lukewarm water but make sure you follow this up with the St. Ives Smoothing Apricot Body Wash. Scrub your body gently with this exfoliant and then wash off.

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