Well, ladies who doesn’t love getting massages? We mean, it’s the best time to get all the boulders off your shoulders, the load off your head and your joints loose and easy! Promoting TLC, whenever we ask anyone to visualize a self-care moment, a massage accompanied by a scented candle is always in the pictures. And now that we’ve always been a bit biased towards our body and the head when it comes to getting a massage, it’s time to focus on the makers and breakers of it all…your face! Bearing all those emotions and expressions, it’s no secret that your face muscles are bound to get tired. And that calls for a facial massage. Promoting relaxation like never before, face massages are quite the trend this season. Everyone has been raving about them, and we can totally understand the hype! After all, massaging your face not only boosts your blood circulation but also tones your skin and removes the toxins from it, giving your face a brilliantly radiant glow. And to top it all, it reduces signs of aging and even distresses you. So, cut to the chase and plunge into the world of facial massage steps as we take you through the ultimate self-love shelf.

Facial Massage Tips for Glowing Skin

First things first and non-negotiable part of the perfect facial massage steps - get your hands clean! Clean your hands properly before giving yourself a facial massage. You don’t want the bacteria on your hands to get onto your face, leading to a breakout eventually. Apply some moisturizer or olive oil as well for this massage routine, so that your face stays hydrated. And if you're wondering what to get your hands on - quite literally, let us tell you…we’re fans of a good face cream.

Facial Massage Tip #1: Prep party

facial massage steps

No facial massage is a hit without the right prep - an often overlooked but essential step. To begin, tap gently all over your face with your fingers, and at a fast pace, drumming up a nice beat - initially this might be a bit uncomfortable but over time your face will get accustomed to the rhythm. This facial massage step is basically a warm-up that soothes and relaxes your facial muscles,  readying your face up your face for a good massage ahead.   

Facial Massage Tip #2: Moisturising mania 

facial massage steps

Well, if your skin is feeling dehydrated again, pour some more goodness of the POND'S Bright Beauty Spot-less Glow SPF 15 Day Cream.  At the end of it, some extra love never hurt anybody! So, be generous and take some moisturizer and spread it over the tips of all your fingers. Place your fingers on your forehead and move them in a zigzag motion, stretching your skin in opposite directions. You must wonder, what will this do? Well, this relaxes the tensed muscles on your forehead, tightening pores and smoothening frown lines if any. So, if you’re seeing any signs of aging creep through, do this about 8-10 times and you’re good to move onto the next step!  

Facial Massage Tip #3: Massage Mantra  

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Well, this is the part we’ve all been awaiting - the main factor of your facial massage steps! So, to let the magic roll you need to start putting your index and middle finger to work. First start pressing the temples of your head and slowly move from the left to the right in circular motions. This will further reduce the stress and the tension in your forehead, helping you relax. Repeat this for 30 seconds continuously. And viola, you’re on your way towards the ultimate zen zone.

Facial Massage Tip #4: Eyebrow aisle

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The initiating of this eyebrow massage requires a bit of effort and a little pinch! Thinking about what we’re talking about? Gently pinch your eyebrows a couple of times and this literally boosts the blood flow in your forehead and is a huge stress buster. Massaging your eyebrows will not only help your face relax but also stimulate the growth of your eyebrows. So, prioritize this facial massage step and let the lounge vibes flow. 

Facial Massage Tip #5: Under Eye action 

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Now, it’s time to deal with your under eyes. No one loves puffy under eyes for it either looks like you’ve balled your eyes out or haven’t slept in forever. Whatever the issue is, to get rid of it all you have to do is take some moisturizer and move your ring finger across your under eyes in a “U” motion. And while you may want the fluffiness to disappear in seconds, make sure that you do not apply too much pressure! What will this do? It will help you get rid of the puffiness under your eyes and increase the blood flow in that region as well - giving you soft and amazing under eyes, this is all you have to do for that #flawlessness. 

Facial Massage Tip #6: Cheekbone checklist  

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Who doesn’t love Bella Hadid’s super amazing cheekbones, we all do! So to get yourself those incredible self-ready cheekbones, you need to follow this facial massage step. Place four fingers on your cheekbones and move them in upward strokes. Start from the center of your cheekbones to the top. This will help your skin take a breather from the constant pressure of being pulled down due to the force of gravity. This also gives your cheeks a soft, pink glow by increasing the blood circulation in that area. And viola, you’re good to glow.  

Facial Massage Tip #7: Chiseled Jaw OTW  

facial massage steps

Look upwards and with all your fingers, rub across your jaw-line in a downward motion. Make sure that you drag your fingers from your jaw right up to your collarbone. This facial massage step will flush out all the toxins from your face and help it relax further. Do this about 5-10 times and you’ll really notice a precise and sharp jawline! What else do you want?  

And ladies by simply following these facial massage steps and by making way for it in your routine you can enjoy the kiss of flawless and glowing skin! 

FAQs about Facial Massage for Glowing Skin   

Q1 Does a facial massage increase sebum production? 

Yes, a facial massage with light friction stimulates the sebaceous glands, causing an increase in sebum production that improves the condition, texture, and tone of the skin.  

  Q2 Does a facial massage cause acne? 

This wholly depends on the level of cleanliness you choose to follow! During a facial massage, the oils and product residue gets transferred onto the roller. Using the roller without cleaning it first can accumulate bacteria and transfer it back onto the skin, inviting skin problems like breakouts. 

 Q3 Can a facial massage reduce face fat? 

A good facial massage can temporarily make your face look slimmer. Such as, many types of facial massage can slightly change the way your face looks. It can lean off excess fat that makes your cheeks look chubby.