5 foods that strengthen the skin barrier to keep dry, flaky skin at bay during winter

Written by Sanya HamdaniNov 27, 2020

As the temperature drops, you may notice your skin getting drier, itchier and even flakier. Slathering serums, moisturisers, hand cream, foot cream, lip balms are probably the only way we know how to tackle winter dryness. But in order to make your skin look smooth, supple and hydrated it is necessary to also watch what you eat. Remember: we are what we eat.

Your skin has a natural protective barrier that locks moisture in the skin and prevents external aggressors from damaging it. However, pollutants, infection and harsh weather conditions can damage this barrier and lead to dry, flaky skin. You can strengthen the lipid barrier by eating the right foods. Here’s what you should include in your winter diet for healthy skin.

01. Omega-3 rich foods

Foods rich in omega-3 regulate the oil production in your skin and keeps it hydrated. Foods like salmon and flaxseed work extremely well at improving your skin’s lipid barrier. Those who do not like the taste of fish can take fish oil supplements. However, don’t consume it in excess as it can cause toxicity.

02. Collagen-rich foods

When your diet lacks collagen and protein, your skin tends to dry up. This also invites fine lines and premature ageing. To plump up your skin, include collagen-rich foods into your diet, especially during winter. Bone broth, citrus foods, eggs, garlic are a few foods that have collagen-boosting properties.

03. Good fats and proteins

Consuming healthy fats is another way to strengthen the protective barrier of your skin this winter. Healthy fats can be obtained from nuts like sunflower seeds, almonds, chia, seeds, walnuts and more. Avocado, olive oil and evening primrose oil are also considered to be good sources of healthy fats.

04. Vitamin A

Vitamin A improves skin elasticity and prevents free radical damage; thereby making your skin supple and younger-looking. Including foods like carrots, sweet potatoes, broccoli, squash, etc. can repair skin tissues and prevent winter dullness, which is a common concern during the cold months.

05. Water

Yes, you read that right; water is not food but it sure deserves a place in this list. Because nothing hydrates your body and skin better than water. During the winter months, you tend to drink less water as you don’t get as thirsty. This makes your body dehydrated and your skin dry. Avoid this by drinking your regular 8-10 glasses of water each day to keep your skin well-nourished from within.