What is it about Parisian women? How are they always so effortlessly well dressed, well coiffured, well kempt and beautiful? We did some research of our own and figured out the top 5 french beauty secrets that we could easily adapt…

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Prep your skin (not primp)

They feed their skin! After massaging away the day’s stresses, they work on building the complexion of their skin with the right products. While a moisturiser and a facial massage are a given, a common favourite is vitamin capsules that actually nourish the skin.

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Workout only when inspired enough

French beauties do not work out every day. They hate getting into a hardcore rigid habit that makes them slaves to anything. They like to take utmost pleasure in whatever they do and would rather go running than hitting the gym.

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They don’t know blowouts

Firm believers in natural beauty, they like their hair to be healthier and shinier from within. They wash their hair and wait for it to air dry. Too many products are a no-no as they destroy the hair texture completely in the long run.

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No contour only highlights

They hate changing the sculpture of their face. Instead, they love to highlight their best features with minimal highlighters especially on the cupid’s bow of their lips and their cheekbones instead of chiselling their face with contouring.

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Creamy smokey eyes

Smokey eyes with creamy texture is their favourite. They love the dewiness and the rich look it lends that goes well with the highlighting on their face. Hi-quality creamier products are the key!