If you're looking to step up your skincare, having a daily skin care routine is key. There are simple steps you can follow every morning and night to ensure your skin stays healthy, hydrated, and glowing. This article is here to share some top skincare tips and methods to help you achieve the complexion you've been aiming for. We'll cover various aspects, like choosing the right cleanser, keeping your skin moisturised, and protecting it from the sun. Whether you're just starting with skincare or you're already experienced, keep reading to find out how you can improve your skin care routine and reach your skincare goals. 

From AM to PM: Up Your Skincare Routine Game. Here's How...  

Before we dive into the details of the skin care routine steps, let's talk about why having a comprehensive skincare routine is so crucial. Your skincare routine isn't just about applying products to your face; it's a way of caring for your skin's health and appearance. 

Think of it like this: Just as you have daily habits to maintain your overall health, like eating well and exercising, your skin also benefits from consistent care. A well-thought-out skincare routine can help you achieve and maintain healthy, radiant skin. It's your daily commitment to self-care and feeling your best. 

So, as we explore various skincare tips and techniques, remember that these steps aren't just about cosmetics; they're about investing in your skin's well-being and enhancing your natural beauty. 

Morning Routine Essentials  

When it comes to the morning skin care routine the first and essential step is cleansing your skin. Why is it so important? Well, while you sleep, your skin naturally rejuvenates and can accumulate oils and impurities. Cleansing helps you start with a fresh canvas, removing any remnants from the night before. 

Now, let's talk about lightweight moisturisers during the day. Your skin still needs hydration, but you don't want anything heavy that could make you feel greasy or clog your pores. Lightweight moisturisers provide just the right amount of hydration to keep your skin comfortable throughout the day without that heavy, sticky feeling. 

Sun Protection  


One of the most critical steps in your daily skin care routine is wearing sunscreen every day. Why? Because the sun's harmful UV rays can wreak havoc on your skin, leading to premature ageing, dark spots, and even skin cancer. Sunscreen is your shield against these damaging effects. It's like giving your skin a protective armor, ensuring it stays healthy and youthful

The Lakmé Sun Expert Sunspray is a sunscreen in spray that leaves no white cast and can be used on the go. This Sunspray comes with an advanced lightweight formula that hydrates your skin with a silky-soft feeling. SPF 50 sunscreen shields from UVB rays known to cause skin burns. PA++ factor indicates protection from UVA rays known to cause dark spots, premature ageing and skin darkening. 

Now, let's talk about reducing puffiness and applying eye cream. The delicate skin around your eyes can sometimes get puffy, making you look tired or older than you are. Applying eye cream can work wonders here. It helps hydrate and nourish that sensitive area, reducing puffiness and keeping your eyes looking bright and refreshed. When applying, use gentle, tapping motions with your ring finger to avoid tugging on the delicate skin. 

Daytime Skincare Boosters  

Regular Cleansing 


Cleansing in the morning is a game-changer. It refreshes your skin, removing overnight impurities and allowing your products to work effectively. It's like giving your face a clean slate to start the day. 

Use the Lakme 9 to 5 Vitamin C+ Facial Foam that combines the benefits of cleansing and moisturising with Facial Foam Technology. It comes with a built-in soft silicone facial brush that helps to gently exfoliate your skin to reduce dullness with every use. It washes away dirt, impurities and makeup to leave your skin feeling clean and fresh. 

Antioxidant-Packed Serums 

Serums with antioxidants are superheroes for your skin. They help combat the harmful effects of free radicals, which can speed up ageing and damage your skin. Antioxidants are like your skin's shield against environmental stressors, leaving it looking healthier and more radiant. 

Addressing Specific Skin Concerns 


Your skin might have specific concerns, like acne, redness, or dullness. During the day, use targeted products designed to address these issues. For example, acne-fighting ingredients can help clear breakouts, while products with niacinamide can reduce redness and uneven skin tone. 

The Lakme Perfect Radiance Serum is your answer to target pigmentation at the source. It contains Niacinamide, the powerful ingredient that directly targets dark spots and helps to fade them away. And not only that, it also prevents them from reappearing. It is suitable for all skin types, won't clog pores, and delivers a beautiful, healthy sheen for your skin. 


Follow it up with Lakme Perfect Radiance Crème. It acts as a shield that keeps your skin hydrated and glowing all day long. With its magic ingredient Niacinamide, it fights pigmentation and helps to reduce it. This moisturiser also helps reduce dark spots and uneven patches to give you a more even-toned skin, with improved skin luminosity.  

Evening Renewal   

As your day winds down, your skin has its own nightly rituals that are crucial for its health and vitality. The night skin care routine consists of the following: 

Thorough Nighttime Cleansing 

Nighttime cleansing is a must. Throughout the day, your skin collects dirt, pollutants, and makeup. Cleansing at night removes these impurities, preventing clogged pores and breakouts. It's like giving your skin a clean slate to start its nightly repair. 

Nighttime Moisturisers and Repair Creams 

Your skin works hard while you sleep to repair and regenerate. Nighttime moisturisers and repair creams provide the nourishment your skin needs for this process. They often contain ingredients like hyaluronic acid and peptides that hydrate and stimulate collagen production, making your skin look plumper and smoother by morning. 

FAQs about Skincare Routines    

How often should I cleanse my face? 

It's generally recommended to cleanse your face twice a day – once in the morning and once at night. However, if you have particularly dry or sensitive skin, cleansing just once at night may be sufficient. 

When should I apply serums in my routine? 

Serums are typically applied after cleansing and toning but before moisturising. They are highly concentrated and contain active ingredients that can target specific skin concerns. 

Can I skip sunscreen on cloudy days? 

No, sunscreen is essential every day, even on cloudy days. UV rays can penetrate clouds and cause skin damage. Make sunscreen the final step in your morning routine, and reapply throughout the day if you're outdoors.