Although we don’t admit it, we've all wished for a beauty miracle in a box that could tackle all our skin problems at once. To have a lightening ingredient, a bit of foundation, some super SPF and a moisturiser in one sounds unlikely. But not anymore! With the Ponds White Beauty BB+ Cream, you’ve literally got it all and trust us; getting picture ready was never so quick. Read on to know why you want to get your hands on this skin wonder.

When we say spotless skin, we mean it The Ponds White Beauty BB+ Cream offers the ultimate coverage for dark spots and uneven skin tone. Hiding unwanted blemishes to get beautifully spotless skin was never so easy. What’s more? The Ponds White Beauty BB+ Cream has a texture that’s smooth as silk, and when we lathered it on, it almost felt like second skin – thanks to its light, non-oily texture. We fell in love instantly. And the best part? Unlike other foundations, this BB cream offers the most natural coverage. We took a selfie to see just how well it works and boy! We knew instantly that we had the most smacking beauty makeover.

A dose of SPF you’ll love We all know that sunscreen is good for us. And isn't it such a bonus when you find one that feels just as good when lapped onto the skin? With the Ponds White Beauty BB+ Cream, we’ve finally found an SPF 30 enriched formula that is so light and non-greasy on skin, you’ll never want to step into the sun without it. It protects, doesn’t clog pores and lightens from within. If you shy away from clicking away in the mid day sun lest it exposes your flaws, this beauty wonder is all you need. Finally a cream that makes us look just as good in selfies as it does otherwise! No more awkward moments, girls.

A fairness wonder
We swear by the Ponds White Beauty BB+ Cream to render fairer, younger looking skin in a matter of weeks! This is one magic formula that delivers what it promises. It works simultaneously to even out any pigmentation or unevenness, and lightens the overall skin tone to reveal a fairness that is only a thing of the movie stars! We tried the Ponds White Beauty BB+ Cream and clicked ourselves away and got everything that we ever wanted – coverage, radiance, SPF and ample doses of younger looking skin.
So, wait no more! Wear the Ponds White Beauty BB+ Cream, take a selfie and share it with us here and who knows, if you’re lucky you’ll find it on a billboard