7 Things Girls With Acne Prone Skin Are Tired Of Hearing

Written by Chandni GhoshNov 23, 2018
Girls with acne prone skin, we know your struggles. While you’re trying to keep it together, everybody around is always throwing bizarre to inane questions at you. In memory of all the times you’ve been asked about your acne, here’s a fun list of questions and responses on the things you’re tired of hearing...

“What happened to your face?”

“Did you try toothpaste?”

Oh, nothing just went a little overboard with my red sketch pen drawing giant circles on my face.


“Are you taking too much stress ‘coz it’s showing on your skin”

“Did you try toothpaste?”

Ya, you’re totally helping by reminding me of the obvious”


“Are you eating, right? You must be allergic to something”

“Did you try toothpaste?”

It’s you—you, who I’m allergic to.


“Did you visit the dermat?”

“Did you try toothpaste?”

Nah, just sitting here, watching my face turn into zit city.


“Your face is so oily”

“Did you try toothpaste?”

What? Totally didn’t know that! Wanna fry some crispy chips on my face?


“But why is it on your nose?”

“Did you try toothpaste?”

Oh, right—my zit should’ve taken permission from you before sitting there.


“Did you try toothpaste?”

“Did you try toothpaste?”

Was just waiting for that miracle treatment to enter my life—‘coz the 1763587 acne medicines my derm gave me got nothing on your toothpaste, huh!

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