No beauty shelf is ever complete without the good ol’ Vaseline petroleum jelly. It has been almost everyone’s go-to moisturiser at some point, especially during the chilly winter months.

But the main reason most people find it difficult to part ways with Vaseline Original Pure Skin Jelly is that its uses are not just limited to healing dry and cracked skin, but go way beyond. From removing makeup to achieving glossy lids, here are five incredible ways to include this OG moisturiser in your beauty routine even today…


01. To remove makeup


When you’re travelling, you definitely don’t want to carry too many products. Plus, there is always the worry of your liquid makeup remover spilling on the journey. The best solution to this would be to simply carry a small tub of the Vaseline petroleum jelly, which works equally well as a gentle makeup remover as it does as a moisturiser. To use it, simply massage your face with a little product and then wipe it clean with a cotton pad. And, voila! Hello clean, makeup-free face!


02. As a lash conditioner


Let’s accept this – wearing mascara every day can take a toll on your lashes, making them dry and brittle. But keep your lashes in perfect shape by simply applying a very teeny-tiny amount of the Vaseline Petroleum Original Skin Jelly using a q-tip. This will not only lift and define your lashes, but also keep them super soft and conditioned throughout the day.


03. As a natural highlighter


Want to give your makeup a dewy, natural finish, but don’t like the shimmer that comes with most highlighters? No problem! Simply swipe on some Vaseline petroleum jelly on the highpoints of your face such as cheekbones, forehead, bridge of the nose, cupid’s bow and chin to achieve glowing skin in no time.


04. To achieve glossy lids


Image courtesy: @coolgirlswearmugler

If you want to hop onto the glossy lids trend, but don’t want to invest in yet another product, then simply reach out for the trusty bottle of Vaseline on your beauty shelf. Just apply some of it all over you lids for a fresh, no makeup-makeup look or mix it with your favourite eyeshadow to hop onto the glossy eye makeup trend.


05. To prevent nail polish stains


If you tend to get a lot of nail polish on your skin while DIYing your manicure, then this one’s for you. Simply, apply a little bit of Vaseline petroleum jelly onto the skin around the nails to prevent staining. Once your manicure is dry, simply wipe it off for a neat finish.