Foodies… Assemble! These Healthy Food Swaps Will Make Your Skin Glow

Written by Urvi DalalSep 16, 2023
Foodies… Assemble! These healthy food swaps will make your skin glow

Your skincare regimen could consist of an infinite number of miracle products, but if you are eating a lot of junk and not drinking adequate amount of water, those products won’t work.  You need to provide your skin with the right nutrients, minerals, and vitamins for it to look healthy and glowing.  

Don’t worry, we are not asking you to totally give up on all the food you love, instead, just try a few healthy food swaps by cutting out the bad stuff and replacing it with something more nutritional. Find out what those foods are so that you can unlock your healthiest skin ever...


Swap coffee for green tea

Swap butter or oil for grape seed oil

Caffeine functions like a diuretic, which means that it pulls water from your body and in turn, dries out the skin. This makes your skin look dull, dry and older. Green tea is a great swap for your cup of coffee. Along with giving you a usual burst of energy, green tea enhances skin’s moisture retention abilities, fights free radicals, and slows down the aging process.


Swap refined sugar for honey

Swap butter or oil for grape seed oil

Refined sugar tampers with your skin's collagen and elastin production making your skin lose its youthful glow. Since your body metabolises refined sugars differently than natural sugars, it is important that you switch to more natural options such as honey. Honey is a natural humectant, and will help your skin retain moisture, keeping it extremely soft and plump.


Swap regular milk for almond milk

Swap butter or oil for grape seed oil

If there is one thing that all dermats recommend unanimously, then it is that you should avoid regular milk as far as possible. Dairy is full of hormones and when consumed, it causes the testosterone and progesterone levels to rise. These hormones are the main cause of excess oil and sebum, which can block your pores and trigger breakouts. Switching to almond milk is a great choice, as it is is full of skin-loving vitamins, which helps strengthen your skin’s epidermis layer while giving it a healthy glow.


Swap milk chocolate for dark chocolate

Swap butter or oil for grape seed oil

Giving up on your favourite milk chocolate could prove to be slightly difficult in the beginning, but once you’re used it, you will definitely thank us. Chocolate contains dairy and lots of refined sugars and white sugars which threatens your skin’s health. Instead opt for dark chocolate. Dark chocolate and cacao, being the rawest form of chocolate bean aren’t sweetened. Additionally, they are brimming with beauty-boosting antioxidants that improve blood circulation and deliver more oxygen to your skin, leaving it looking absolutely radiant.


Swap butter or oil for grape seed oil

Swap butter or oil for grape seed oil

We know you love butter and believe that your food tastes infinitely better with butter and oil in it, but believe us, using butter or sunflower oil to cook food is doing a lot of damage to your skin. The high levels of cholesterol in oil and butter trigger the production of more hormones leading to an increased oil production and breakouts. Swapping these for cold-pressed grape seed oil is a great way to cut down harmful cholesterol and thereby helps in keeping acne away.

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