Knowledge drop: Vitamin C is the trending skincare ingredient of 2019. Everyone is obsessing over this miracle ingredient and for a solid reason—it can change your skincare game forever. How, you ask? From keeping acne at bay and brightening dull complexion to fighting signs of ageing and giving a natural, healthy glow, Vitamin C can do it all. That’s probably the reason it’s used as the main ingredient in many skin care products. Might we say it is an all-rounder nutrient your skin absolutely needs!

It wasn’t long ago before we discovered the many beauty benefits of Vitamin C, and now that we know, we are totally making it a part of our skincare regimen. If you’re wondering how you can use this skin hero to achieve picture-perfect skin, we’ve got you covered. Here are three ways you can include Vitamin C in your skincare routine.

include vitamin c in your skincare routine

Use a Vitamin C-infused cleanser

One of the beauty benefits of Vitamin C is that it has powerful cleansing agents which help remove stubborn dirt, oil and sweat in one go. It does a stellar job at removing and controlling excess oil on your face and leaves it bright and glowing. Plus, it helps lighten dark spots and marks and gives you blemish-free skin. Get a face wash formulated with Vitamin C and use it twice a day to get squeaky clean and spotless skin.

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include vitamin c in your skincare routine

Add a Vitamin C serum

The best way to reap the maximum benefits of this skin-loving nutrient is to add a face serum infused with Vitamin C to your nighttime skincare routine. It is an anti-ageing formula that can give you youthful and radiant skin in no time. It repairs the skin cells, boosts collagen production and improves elasticity. Use a Vitamin C serum every night before going to bed to wake up to healthy and glowing skin.

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include vitamin c in your skincare routine

DIY face pack

Take the natural route and prepare a face mask using fruits that are rich in Vitamin C. Fruits like kiwi, orange, strawberries and grapefruits possess a high content of Vitamin C and are loaded with cleansing and brightening properties.

Grind a portion of one of these fruits and add in yoghurt if you have oily skin or coconut oil if you have dry skin. Mix the ingredients well to make a smooth paste. Apply this mild pack on your face and leave it on for 20 minutes before washing it off. Moisturise and repeat once a week.