At any given time, your skin will be more than willing to allow you to pamper it crazy. But how do you do that? Spa treatments and salon visits aren’t the only way. There’s a lot more that goes into loving your skin. We rounded up the five easiest ways…


Yoga for skin and soul

Yoga for skin and soul will help you to love your skin

It’s no secret that even the international supermodels attribute some part of their glowing complexion to an hour or two of yoga and meditation. Even the most basic of yogasanas help to control the breath (and therefore, the mind) and enhance blood and oxygen circulation to different parts of the body. Skin beneficial asanas such as the Sarvangasan or the shoulder stand work wonders to restore your skin’s natural radiance.


Hydrated health

Hydrated health will help you to love your skin

Water truly is the elixir of life. Did you know that most of our skin problems would be cut down by half if only we increased our water intake? Skin that isn’t hydrated is more prone to catching rashes, blemishes and skin infections. The more your water intake, the better the elasticity of your skin; simply put, the more water you drink, the more successful you’ll be in prolonging the onset of wrinkles. Convinced?


Food for fibre

Food for fibre will help you to love your skin

Of course you are what you eat. And so is your skin. Flatter it by increasing your intake of fresh fruits and veggies which are natural, free of saturated fats and a rich source of anti-oxidants. They’re also a storehouse of fibre, one of the most important components to ensure that your body’s digestive functions are bang on track. Remember, your skin is a reflection of whatever’s on the inside so try to eat, drink and live clean.


Sleeping for skin health

Sleeping for skin health will help you to love your skin

Just like your mind, your skin needs to recuperate too. Whether you’re out in the sun or sitting in an air conditioned office, your skin is sensitive enough to be adversely affected. Show it some love and R&R by getting a good night’s rest i.e. seven to eight hours. When you sleep, your cells going into regeneration and replenish mode as your body begins to replenish itself. The lesser sleep you get, the more you’ll disrupt your body clock, the effects of which show on your skin as dark circles.


Rely on the Vaseline Healthy White Complete 10

Rely on the Vaseline Healthy White Complete 10 will help you to love your skin

Do your skin a favour and familiarize it with a post-wash beauty routine that isn’t crowded with too much product that can suffocate your skin cells. Our recently discovered go-to beauty wonder is the Vaseline Healthy White Complete 10 which does the job of being a skin lightening as well as anti-ageing lotion. Enriched with triple sunscreens, AHA nutrients, Vitamin B3 and anti-oxidants, it pampers your skin to give it all the nourishment, hydration and sun protection it needs. We recommend: Make the Vaseline Healthy White Complete 10 a part of your everyday skincare routine after your cleansing ritual.