Single-use sheet masks are the most convenient to use and have become an important part of our beauty routines. Available for different concerns and skin types, these sheet masks instantly hydrate and add a healthy glow to your face. Since, the sheet is already soaked in all the amazing ingredients your skin needs, it is the perfect and easiest way to pamper your skin.

However, in an attempt to get 'more' benefits out of it, a lot of women leave the sheet mask on for a long time. Do not wait for it to dry off completely or sleep with it on for a long time, because this could be quite damaging for your skin. How, you ask? Allow us to lay it out for you.

10 minutes? 15 minutes? 20 minutes? Try to remember how long you left that sheet mask on the last time you used it. We bet you can’t, because us women rarely follow instructions, right? Even if the label says 15 minutes, you will do a thousand other things while wearing the sheet mask or might doze off. While this may seem completely harmless to you, here’s what you don’t know.

how long to wear a sheet mask

While sheet masks are designed to surge your skin with moisture, leaving them on for too long can have a reverse osmosis effect. The sheet will absorb all the moisture back out of your skin, pulling all the minerals and vitamins along with it. Restrict your time to 20 minutes and never exceed more than 30 minutes.

The recommended time of sheet masks is also based on the ingredients and skin type. If it’s a hydrating sheet mask and your skin type is dry, anywhere between 20-30 minutes is enough for your skin to absorb all the ingredients and look soft and nourished.

how long to wear a sheet mask

Don’t ever sleep with a sheet mask on. Other than scaring the person sleeping next to you, this habit will also damage your skin. If you are the kind of person who dozes off during facials , we suggest you set an alarm for 20 minutes. This way you will reap all the benefits you were expecting without the fear of leaving it on for too long.

Expert tip: Once you have placed the sheet mask on your face pour the excess liquid from the packet on your palms and rub it on your neck and hands.