How Many Of These Showering Mistakes Are You Making?

Written by Chandni GhoshSep 27, 2018
Sure, we shower as a part of our daily routine. But is your faulty bathing regime that’s responsible for some of your hair and skin concerns? If you’ve been making any of these showering mistakes below, it’s time to change your morning routine now...

You don’t use a nourishing shampoo

You moisturise much later

A good hair cleanser is imperative to your showering routine. After all, hair cleansers with the right ingredients can help you achieve the hair of your dreams. If you’re guilty of not paying attention to your hair care routine in the shower, we suggest you go with something gentle like the Sunsilk Nourishing Soft and Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner. As it is enriched with a fusion of 5 oils including Argan, Coconut and Almond, it will leave your hair nourished and soft.


Your showers are too hot

You moisturise much later

You might assume that a hot shower is rather relaxing but do you know the amount of damage it does to your hair and skin? It not only strips them of natural oils but also causes inflammation to skin that’s easily irritable. It is, therefore, advisable to take lukewarm showers that won’t harm your skin in anyway.


You don’t replace your loofah

You moisturise much later

Puffs and loofahs become carriers of bacteria when you do not replace them soon enough. Moreover, once you’ve used them, make sure they’re dried since moisture is a breeding ground for bacteria. Having said that, you must ensure you change your loofah every 2 months.


You forget to <a href="">exfoliate</a>

You moisturise much later

A body wash is one of the basic parts about showering. But did you know that exfoliating your body with a moisturising scrub is just as necessary? Scrubbing your body not only helps remove dead skin but also deep cleanses it. We suggest you exfoliate your body twice a week using the Dove Gentle Exfoliating Nourishing Body Wash. This product will gently wash away dead skin along with giving you softer and smoother skin. Its NutriumMoisture technology will give you the goodness of natural nutrients that keep your skin supple at all times


You rub the towel against your skin

You moisturise much later

We always reach out for a towel right after a shower but the mistake we make here is rub the towel in a rough way against our hair and body. This ruins hair follicles and also robs our skin of moisture. Hence, it’s best to pat dry your body and air dry your hair.


You moisturise much later

You moisturise much later

It’s believed that moisturising any longer than 3 minutes once you’ve stepped out from the shower can make your skin lose moisture. We suggest you opt for the Vaseline Intensive Care Deep Restore that’s formulated with glycerin, pure soya extracts and stratys-3 multi-layer moisture. Use this just as you step out of the shower for best results.

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