2019 was definitely the year of skincare. We saw some seriously ground-breaking innovations in the beauty space (read: LED face masks, CBD oils and microneedle patches). So, obviously it was an exciting year for beauty buffs like me. But given that I’m a stalker level enthusiast when it comes to skincare, the one trend on my beauty radar I couldn’t wait to try was clean beauty. 

It sounded safe, doable and wouldn’t necessarily burn a hole in my pocket (yes, I

like a budget-friendly skin trend). The idea of giving up toxic skincare ingredients and making your beauty routine cleaner and more natural was intriguing too. Plus, I have extremely dry skin that is unreasonably sensitive aka cranky, so obviously I was game.

There has also been a big question mark as to what products are considered clean and how they help sensitive skin, so I had to try them out. Did I mention I am a curious soul? Okay, then.

Now before I tell you how adopting clean beauty changed my skin, let me give you a quick backstory to my skin woes. I have annoyingly parched and sensitive skin that acts up every time I touch it with a new beauty product. I get redness and itchiness super quick and I moisturise like my life depends on it (no kidding). Thankfully, I rarely get pimples, but yeah, I have had my fair share of skin reactions, allergies, rash and irritation.      

tried clean beauty for a week skin never better

I started looking for skincare brands as soon as I decided to give clean beauty a go—something economical and a routine that I could sustain was key. My search ended with Simple Skincare. Their products are free of soap, parabens, artificial dyes and fragrance, harsh preservatives, alcohol and animal-derived ingredients. All the products are organic, plant-derived and cruelty-free. And they are all under Rs.400!

Here is the list of the five products I bought.

  1. Simple Kind To Skin Micellar Cleansing Water
  2. Simple Kind To Skin Hydrating Light Moisturiser
  3. Simple Kind To Skin Cleansing Facial Wipes
  4. Simple Kind To Skin Moisturising Facial Wash
  5. Simple Kind to Skin Rich Moisture Sheet Mask

After a week of switching to clean beauty, the first thing I realised was that I had been fuelling my skin with harsh chemicals and toxins all this time and cribbing about skin irritation. Since the products do not contain drying alcohol or soap, my skin didn’t feel dry AF anymore. In fact, these products are extremely hydrating and gentle on my skin too.

In just seven days, my skin looked clearer, smoother and detoxed. It’s also not as easily irritated. Never thought I’d say this, but it is actually starting to feel happy, healthy and on the ‘normal’ side of the spectrum.

Another reason that clean beauty works for me is that using non-toxic products for my skin that are not wrecking the environment gives me a sense of purpose too. I am using something that’s not harming the environment or animals and definitely not my skin. Needless to say, I am obsessed with the clean beauty trend and am never going back. So long, cranky skin!