How The Correct Pillow Covers Help With Your Skin

Written by Kaajal SinghSep 16, 2023
How The Correct Pillow Covers Help With Your Skin
The solution to one of your greatest concerns has been sitting right in front of your eyes, related to something that you use every day and night. And no matter how plush and comfortable it feels, it really can and perhaps already does mess with your skin and hair. Well, if you haven’t guessed it by now, it is your pillow. Yes, a pillow can tamper with your skin and your hair just about every night as you lay down for your beauty sleep.

The cotton pillow cases that you use soak up a lot of dirt and oil from your skin and can clog your pores, if not changed on a regular basis. Unclean pillows can cause breakouts on the back and on the shoulder region, and can even cause wrinkles to appear early. While these are the negativities of cotton pillow cases, having silk pillow cases can, in fact, prove to be extremely beneficial.

Silk pillow covers can help reduce ‘sleep creases’, the ones that occur in your skin as you sleep. They also help your skin stay healthy and smooth, and in delaying the appearance of wrinkles. Not only this, but silk covers are much easier to take care of as well.

Cleaning and changing pillow covers regularly leads to lesser wrinkles, a softer complexion and smoother, more lustrous hair. Here are some points that will surely convince you as to why silk pillow covers are the ideal choice for the health of your skin and hair.

More Breathable


The properties of the material that is used to produce the pillow covers are very important for the health of your skin. Silk has moisture-wicking properties that will help restore the beauty of your skin. The moisture, often the sweat, is absorbed from your hair and skin, keeping them fresher and in healthy condition. Sleeping on silk sheets and pillow covers is also more comfortable as compared to sleeping on the cotton ones.


Less Irritating


As silk is made from relatively finer and smoother fibres, as opposed to the coarser texture of cotton, the likelihood of a breakout on your skin is much lesser. Sleeping on silk pillow covers also helps avoid irritation to the skin.




Silk has hypoallergenic properties, giving it a natural resistance against dust mites, mold and fungi, along with some other allergens. Silk also does not pick up pore-clogging bacteria, keeping your skin’s health and freshness intact. Your skin shall have less dangerous encounters at night and stay much safer as you sleep, thanks to the properties of silk covers.




You can even use satin covers for your pillows and your bed. Satin has properties very similar to those of silk and can help protect your skin from numerous hazards. The use of satin also helps prevent sleep creases, meaning that there is lesser friction, inflammation and irritation, and more comfortable sleep. This allows your blood vessels to stay normal and healthy, keeping your skin tone even. Silk and satin covers ensure that there are no red marks on your skin and this is quite beneficial to your complexion as well.

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