Ever since the lockdown was implemented, most of us can’t even recollect the last time we put on a heavy-duty foundation. A solid skincare routine and a bit of tinted moisturiser on the days we need that extra bit of coverage for virtual parties or video conferences is the most we’ve done in the name of base makeup.

But do you feel that in spite of using a really good tinted moisturiser, your skin somehow doesn’t look as healthy as your favourite influencers’ did when she tried it on? Yeaaah, we know that feeling; so, let’s put an end to it once and for all, shall we?

Find below some awesome-sauce tips on how to make the most of that tinted moisturiser to get your skin to look soft and glowing…

how to wear tinted moisturiser

Pay attention to your skin type

Most tinted moisturisers usually have no more than two or three shades, so picking one should be quite easy. But you do need to pay a bit more attention when choosing a product that suits your skin type. This is because a tinted moisturiser is more or less like a skincare product with coverage; therefore, keep your skin type and texture in mind as when buying a tinted normal moisturiser.

how to wear tinted moisturiser

Do not apply it with a brush

Think of it this way – would you apply your moisturiser with a brush? Of course not, right? The same logic applies here as well. Avoid using a brush and simply massage the product into your skin with your fingers. If you feel like you need more coverage, you can always go in with a bit of concealer for a smooth finish.

how to wear tinted moisturiser

Do not set it with powder

The whole point of applying a tinted moisturiser is so that your skin looks absolutely natural and glowy. So, if you dab on some powder, your skin will appear matte — sort of defeating the whole purpose here. If you do feel like you need to set things in place, then go ahead and spritz on some glowy face mist for soft and supple-looking skin.